What is an Electric Scooter Suspension and Why Does It Matter?

What is an Electric Scooter Suspension and Why Does It Matter?


When you buy an electric scooter online, choosing an e-scooter with a good suspension will give you a comfortable and stable ride. A good electric scooter suspension will spell the difference between a bumpy ride and an e-scooter that’s fun to ride. The best electric scooters for adults use suspension to cushion rides and make it safer for riders, as it adds stability while maneuvering the e-scooter. 

Check out this electric scooter guide to learn more about suspensions and know if you should buy an e-scooter with suspension.

What is an Electric Scooter Suspension?

An electric scooter suspension system is a mechanism located within the e-scooter that balances road handling and ride quality. The suspension absorbs the impact of riding on uneven terrain and makes the ride smoother for the rider. As a result, you don’t lose control of the e-scooter and don’t experience bumpy rides.

What are the Types of Electric Scooter Suspension?

An electric scooter may include one or more combinations of the following types of e-scooter suspension.

  1. Spring suspension

A spring suspension enables riders to feel fewer shocks while riding. The coil travels up and down, reducing the impact when you hit a bump.

  1. Hydraulic suspension

A hydraulic suspension uses liquid to cushion your ride when you go over a bump. When you hit a bump, the hydraulic actuator fills with liquid so that it can expand and push against the components. Unlike other suspension systems, it reacts quickly and provides a firmer ride. It is one of the best suspensions for electric scooters.

  1. Rubber suspension

Rubber suspension provides natural support, softness, and malleability, making it perfect for absorbing impact. Some of the advantages of using rubber suspension include reduced vibration, road noise and e-scooter weight. 

How Does an Electric Scooter Suspension Work?

Whether it is a single or dual suspension electric scooter, e-scooters use a simpler mechanism compared to cars and motorcycles. The system generally absorbs the impact when riding on bumpy roads and smoothens the ride for the rider.

The main components of a suspension include:

  • Preload
    The preload is responsible for raising the suspension and ensuring it stays on top of the travel.

  • Coil/Spring
    The coil or spring enables the suspension to travel up and down to reduce the shocks while riding. Moreover, it sets the ride hide and holds the rider’s weight.

  • Shock
    The shock controls the spring’s movement and keeps the wheels on the ground.

  • Limiter Straps
    These straps limit the shock’s impact on the rider while riding.

Why Does Suspension Matter?

Unfortunately, real riding conditions don’t provide smooth and flat surfaces. Having a suspension with your e-scooter allows you to smoothen your ride, especially when riding off-road. Moreover, having a suspension system allows your e-scooter to travel on bumpy roads without disturbing or harming the e-scooter frame and body.

Manufacturers spend time perfecting the suspension since it is essential for handling and comfort. Consider buying an e-scooter with suspension if you need to ride bumpy roads or uphill routes. It will provide more comfort and stability to your overall ride quality.

Electric Scooter Suspension Maintenance

Below are some maintenance tips for checking your suspension before you ride.

  • Make sure all screws are placed tightly.
  • See if the folding axis is positioned correctly.
  • Check if the height adjustment button is fixed.
  • Check if the handlebar blocking button is fixed.
  • Test if the brakes and lights work.

Note that if any screws are loose, you will need an electric scooter suspension adjustment. Moreover, you will need to lubricate the coils every now and then. It will keep the suspension in top shape and prevent damage to it and the e-scooter.

Should You Buy an E-scooter with Suspension?

Choosing an e-scooter with or without a suspension depends on your commuting needs. If your route includes hill climbs, rough roads, and uneven paths, an e-scooter with suspension will provide a better riding experience. 

Otherwise, you don’t have to buy an electric scooter with suspension as it could be very costly. However, note that there are cheap electric scooters with suspensions. Check out Mearth’s electric scooter series and see a model that fits your needs.

Moreover, if you find it expensive to buy an e-scooter with suspension, the next best option is to buy an e-scooter with good pneumatic or air-filled tyres. These types of tyres also help cushion your rides and make them smoother and more comfortable. See the Mearth RS Series for a premium ride quality with the best value for money.