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Welcome the New and Improved Mearth X Pro

We will not manufacture the Mearth X Pro until further notice.  It has been replaced by our new long-range, commuter electric scooter, the Mearth RS e-scooter.

  • The Mearth X Pro offers riders improved and added features for an easier, sturdier, and safer ride.
  • The Mearth X Pro includes enhancements in its control, motor, and built.

Sleek, powerful, and efficient. The Mearth X Pro launched last year as one of the best electric scooters in Australia designed for people and powered by innovation. After just a year, the Mearth X Pro comes back with new and improved control, power, and durability.

The Mearth X Pro originally launched with powerful specs including a 300W motor that can go up to 800W and a 300Wh battery with available external battery. Weighing at 12kg with a max load of 120kg, the Mearth X Pro can drive to a maximum speed of 25kph and a distance of 45km with 2 to 4 hours of charging time. The Mearth electric scooter also featured a sleek and lightweight design and a large display screen unseen in most electric scooters.

The Mearth X Pro retains all of these qualities in the new version while enhancing and adding features to bring the best travel experience for riders and daily commuters.



The new Mearth X Pro includes a redesigned controller that offers more stable and efficient features. As a result, the electric scooter has a longer range that can travel with more time and distance than before.

Besides this, the controller has also added a push mode and cruise control features so riders can navigate streets or paths easier. Push mode enables riders to push their electric scooters manually, while cruise control allows riders to maintain the right speed during long rides.

The large display screen has also increased in brightness allowing riders to see their screens even under the bright sun. All of these enhancements offer riders more control over their rides and a better navigating experience around the city.



Aside from digital features, riders will also have more control and power over their brakes and torque. The Mearth X Pro now has stronger brakes reducing the rider’s braking distance. Motor torque has also been increased allowing riders to climb or accelerate when driving through hills. The improvement is not only extra power on difficult terrains but also added safety for riders while on the road.



The Mearth X Pro has also upgraded its material and structure making it more durable and long-lasting on the road. From a plastic wheel hub to an aluminium wheel hub, the electric scooter has improved its rear for a sturdier ride over time. The front has also been optimised to increase shock absorption allowing a smoother drive at any surface. The screws within the electric scooter have also been secured tighter for a stronger overall structure and less vibration while riding. These enhancements make the Mearth X Pro a cut above most electric scooters in terms of durability, user experience, and safety.

To provide a better travelling experience for daily riders, Mearth continues to innovate its products and make transport easier, safer, and more sustainable for people. With the new Mearth X Pro, travel the city or terrains with a powerful motor and battery, sturdier built, and convenient controls.