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Weekend Bike Rides in Sydney

Bike rides are the perfect meditation for bike lovers. We have made a perfect list of places you can ride your E-Bike.

Well, besides using the Ebike for your daily commute and errands, why not bring it out on family outings, or even use it, to do some sightseeing around Sydney and enjoy some of the scenic routes Sydney has to offer. There are in fact heaps of place around Sydney in which you can take your own Mearth E-bike for a spin.

If you are wondering which route you should choose, well not to worry, as we have compiled a list of some of the potential scenic routes for your convenience, that you can choose from to take your Mearth E-bike along with.

For all beach lovers out there, we have got the perfect list covered for you.

  1. Narrabeen Lagoon Trail
Narrabeen Lagoon Trail. Electric Bike.

A circuit track located around Narrabeen Lakes in Sydney’s north, this scenic trail is perfect for almost everyone. Upon completion in February 2015, this trail serves as a popular weekend getaway for joggers, walkers, families of all kinds, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else who just wants a place to relax. Be it traveling with your family or by yourself, it is always a good idea to bring your Ebike along with you. Enjoy the serenity at Narrabeen Lagoon as you take in the scenic view of the beautiful lake and boats sailing across. An absolute gem and a perfect place to ride.

  1. Ettalong to Umina Beach 
Ettalong to Umina Beach. Electric Bike.

Beach Lovers, you are going to love this one.  Bring your family and friends along and (bikes even) as the Ettalong to Umina Beach ride is surely bounded to be an enjoyable one. Just jump onto an Ettalong -bound ferry at Palm beach to commence your journey. It is an easy 7.5km ‘there and back’ ride that brings you along the Ettalong foreshore and finishing up at Umina Beach.  Don’t forget to bring your swimmers along for a refreshing swim along the way and be sure to enjoy the beachside cafes and restaurants the Central Coast has to offer. Boasting magnificent views, take in that calm ocean breeze as you ride your Mearth Ebike along this amazing trail. If you feel like you’re up for a challenge, there is always the alternative Putt Putt to Putty Road track which starts at Wagstaffe Wharf and goes for 13km, passing through Killcare and Bouddi National Park, which provides you with beautiful beaches along the way and scenic views.  

  1. North Head, Sydney Harbour National Park
North Head, Sydney Harbour National Park. Electric Bike.

Heading to Manly? Simply jump on your bike and take a ride up to North Head. Known as one of Manly’s most popular ride, why not immerse yourself in nature and explore some of Manly’s most iconic attractions, which include St Patrick’s Estate, North Fort, The Sanctuary, The Quarantine Station and access to Collins Beach as well. Don’t worry as all the roads are paved and there is a cycle path in which you can follow throughout the trail. With your Mearth Ebike on hand, firstly ride up Daley road from Manly, in which you continue through the archway on Scenic Drive towards the Sydney Harbour National Park. You will arrive at North Head as your last stop, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean, harbor and the city.

  1. The Manly Beach Front
The Manly Beach Front. Electric Bike.

Simply bring along your Ebike and cruise around one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches, Manly beach. This track serves as the ideal location for the whole family as it is level and has designated cycle paths. Just follow and ride along the bike path along the ocean promenade. Enjoy the ocean view and the sound of waves crashing as you experience the familiar sea breeze when you pedal along with the Mearth Ebike.

  1. Bondi Beach to Rose Bay
Bondi Beach to Rose Bay. Electric Bike.

Another great route is the trail from Bondi Beach to Rose Bay. Around 11km in distance, this route is deemed easy and is a perfect recreational activity for families. Pedal along with your loved ones as you embark on this ride which visits the famous Bondi Beach and heading up to Bondi Junction via Bellevue Hill local streets while cutting back across to Rose Bay on Sydney Harbour. What better way to spend your weekend than riding your Mearth Ebike out to explore some of the greatest attractions around Sydney and to indulge yourself in a variety of iconic dining institutions around the area.

  1. The Spit to Manly Ocean Beach Bike Track 

This is another recommended track that is suitable for users who adore riding for slightly longer distances. Ranging around 19km in distance (return), the breathtaking waterfront views you’ll be treated to along the Spit to Manly Beach bike path almost makes all the effort worth it. Beginning at Spit Bridge in Seaforth with a bit of a steep climb, this track takes you through Balgowlah, Fairlight and Manly Lagoon to arrive in Manly where you’re confronted with breathtaking ocean views.  Don’t forget to bring your swimmers as well to finish off your ride with a beachside dip or enjoy a cup of coffee while watching surfers carve up the waves. Whether you end up at Manly or the Spit Bridge with your Mearth Ebike, you will easily find a cold drink and a warm patch of sand to relax and enjoy the good long rest you rightfully deserve.

The Spit to Manly Ocean Beach Bike Track. Electric Bike.
  1. The Bay Run 
The Bay Run. Electric Bike.

This one is for all fitness fanatics out there. Located in Sydney’s Inner West, the Bay Run cycle route is one of Sydney’s most popular harbourside tracks and serves as the perfect way for you to incorporate your gym routine within your cycling ride as there is state-of-the-art fitness station positioned along the way for your convenience. From Rozelle to Birkenhead point, this 7km long route passes through 9 parklands, open green spaces, and serves as a shared path, wide enough for both cyclists and pedestrians while offering its ‘patrons’ the luxury enticing views of Iron Cove. Brimming the waterfront, the Bay Run offers plentiful perfect stops for you to catch a breath or two while taking in the spectacular views. The beauty of this route is that you never really deviate from the water, as the route is catered in such a manner so that you can appreciate the views all way long. Also, bring the kids, and your pets and Ebike along as the route is flat and well-maintained, making it dog and pram friendly. There is enough entertainment for the kids due to the numerous playgrounds along the way and coffee shops as well in the case of satisfying your desire for a cup of refreshing coffee drink. Encircled around in a loop, this ride would return you right back to where you started in the first place, nice and easy indeed!

If you are more of a nature lover, not to worry, as we have just got the ideal place for you to go.

What cycling blog is complete without including:

  1. Centennial Parklands

Known as the home of the cyclists, Centennial Park is located in Sydney’s East and is the ultimate location for cyclists of all kind, be it for first-time cyclists or experienced riders. It is one of Sydney’s most cycle-friendly public places and currently hosts about 750 000 cyclists riding in through the Parklands annually, which is inclusive of riders of all ages young and old. You might want to have a quick spin around the parklands yourself with your Mearth Ebike to see why it is so popular. Spanning 360 hectares near the heart of the city center, this 3.8km of ‘Grand Drive’ that encircles Centennial Park is flat, car-free and surrounded by stunning lawns, trees and gardens to admire while cruising around. What a perfect place to escape the horrors of the city’s traffic and the sound of blaring car horns. The other beneficial aspect of the Parklands is that it provides designated cycle lanes and pathways for riders of all levels of experience, such as allowing beginners to have the option of taking advantage of the Learners Cycleway.

Centennial Parklands. Electric Bike.

Hope that we have provided you in this blog article a general overview of some of the places in Sydney you can travel around with your Mearth Ebike and some of the iconic routes that make Sydney so unique as it is.

Do take note of the importance of adhering to the various rules and regulations of the different places you cycle in so as to ensure you enjoy and are kept safe at all times.

Disclaimer: Whatever information provided here you should not be regarded as professional advice but should only merely be regarded as recommendations as we shall not be responsible for any actions taken by any individual who travels to any of those places.

Nevertheless, we wish you a safe and happy ride with your Mearth E-Bike!