Top Blogs and Sites to Follow on Green Transportation for 2021

Top Blogs and Sites to Follow on Green Transportation for 2021

Top Blogs and Sites to Follow on Green Transportation for 2021

As businesses and manufacturers continue to become more conscious of their environmental impact, more industries and sectors are incorporating green technology into their processes and products. Green technology uses renewable resources and processes to lessen the industry’s impact and preserve the environment. Some of its applications include products from renewable energy to electric scooter technology.

Among the current green technologies, the transportation sector has been increasingly promoting and utilising green transportation. After all, transport vehicles from cars to planes account for 24% of carbon emissions globally, according to 2016 data by the IEA. Moreover, the sector’s impact is expected to grow, resulting in greater challenges in reducing emissions.

Promoting and using green or sustainable transportation solutions will lessen the sector’s dependency on fossil fuels and decrease its greenhouse gas emissions and overall impact on the environment. Ultimately, green transportation will help create cleaner, healthier, modern, and affordable modes of transportation for commuters and travellers.

Examples of green transportation include walking, cycling, carpooling, and riding green or hybrid vehicles. Green vehicles mostly consist of electric vehicles from bicycles to cars. Among these electric vehicles, eco-friendly electric scooters have increased in use and demand in recent years as more cities across the globe promote them as an alternative personal mode of transportation. In fact, e-scooter ride-sharing service Lime reported that electric scooters have helped Paris reduce its carbon emissions by 330 tons in a span of a year. Moreover, if the majority of the city use e-scooters, Paris could save over 10,000 carbon emissions by 2030.

Because of green transportation’s promising solution to reduce greenhouse gases, the UN Habitat has rolled out the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative, a program to increase electric vehicles globally by 2030 and reduce carbon emissions to 30% by 2050.

Aside from reducing air pollution in the atmosphere, green transportation also offers economic, health, and environmental benefits. Green transportation can also save commuters on costs, increase the sustainability economy, help conserve the environment, and improve the people’s overall health in a city or country.

Pushing green solutions to mainstream readers and providing valuable information and insights on the matter, the following blogs and websites offer readers and enthusiasts with environmental content that you should follow this 2021.

Launched: 2018

Biofriendly Planet is a contemporary sustainability e-magazine dedicated to finding, sharing and discussing everyday solutions that contribute to the environmental problems we face. Through a light-hearted lens, Biofriendly Planet serves as a platform for people who want simple ways to actively make this planet greener and who are tired of the doom and gloom reporting on the environment. Biofriendly Planet can be found at with new content being added every day.

Q: What kind of articles or topics do you specialise in?

Biofriendly Planet specialises in simple green solutions for everyday people with inspiring content daily.

Q: What will readers benefit from reading your blog/website?

For those who care deeply about making a difference in the environment but feel overwhelmed, our site will allow readers to engage and ask questions in a safe space without all the brow-beating often associated with environmentalism. It’s also a place where readers can learn tips and tricks they can immediately implement in their own lives to start living more green and biofriendly.

Launched: 1998

Eltis facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe. It addresses individuals working in transport as well as in related disciplines, including urban and regional development, health, energy and environmental sciences.

Q: What kind of articles or topics do you specialise in?

Eltis covers all topics encompassed in urban mobility, including clean vehicles, micromobility, collective passenger transport, intermodality, policy and research, safety, shared mobility, urban freight, planning, cycling and more.

Q: What will readers benefit from reading your blog/website?

As Europe’s leading urban mobility observatory, users will have access to news items, events, videos and case studies that provide information on how to develop and implement Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), as well as keeping up with the latest urban mobility trends.

From eco electric scooters and hybrid cars to green policies and environmental research, these top blogs and websites will cater to every reader's environmental needs. Moreover, to encourage readers to contribute more to green travelling, these resources will offer tips, insights, and solutions on green living and transportation. If more commuters and travellers use green transportation or incorporate it into their lifestyles, it would reduce carbon emissions significantly, provide cleaner air, and lessen or remove air-related health risks across the globe.

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