Top GreenTech Blogs that You Should Follow in 2021

Top GreenTech Blogs that You Should Follow in 2021

Top GreenTech Blogs that You Should Follow in 2021

Green technology refers to products or innovations that don’t harm the environment. It uses sustainable material and processes to protect or rejuvenate the environment. These include a range of products green transportation such as eco electric scooters and eco-friendly, smart appliances for homes.

Fortunately, the world is slowly pushing for GreenTech, but we still have a long way to go. Pushing this initiative further requires more knowledge on the latest news and insight on GreenTech. That’s why we listed down some of the blogs that you should take note of. From eco-friendly electric scooters to renewable sources of energy, follow these must-read GreenTech blogs this 2021.


Launched: April 2014

Earthava was launched in 2014 with a vision to help create a green future for the current and the upcoming generations and increase people’s awareness about environmental and wildlife conservation as well as the importance of generating electricity from clean sources.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

Earthava is a unique platform because it provides not only information on the latest trends or updates in green technology but also gives the readers insightful advice on how to switch to a green lifestyle. We also recommend the best tech they can use or implement in their home to help reduce their carbon footprint. Our goal is to help the readers be aware of the current situation the world is going through now so they can make better decisions.


HundredGraphs is a mobile app that allows you to see, analyse, and optimise your energy consumption inside your home.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

As we start a new year, many people have added “green/eco things” to their New Year Resolutions list. It’s always good to work on recycling, composting, or decreasing consumption. However, where is the best starting point? When we start working on adding “right things to do” to daily routines, they surprisingly turn into complicated stuff. HundredGraphs knows a shortcut to the green path: Self-awareness.

Before moving further, it offers to look around and see where we are. Modern life is running fast, and we are so focused on future achievements that we can lose contact with the present moment. HundredGraphs helps users to create a map of their energy environment. With this application, your Smart Home allows you to see and manage things wisely. Do you know how much energy you consume right now? How is it different during the night or last week?

HundredGraphs also shows the largest energy-eaters in your house to make planning your next steps easier. Users are often surprised to see such a big difference between their expectations and reality, especially when they find out that some turned-off devices continue to use a significant amount of energy.

The application gives you many practical tools for improvements: it checks if your doors and windows are closed when you cool or heat your house, shows how a one-degree change in AC settings affects your bills, and shows if you switched off the light in the garage. Visualise your house’s energy system using HundredGraphs. The current and historical data are there for you. Customisations of the graphs and selected sensors allow users to focus on the desired elements. 

Now, seeing the real situation, it’s much easier to make a plan and become smart-green. You will get a map and metrics as a solid foundation. Knowledge versus guessing. Efficiency and success versus disappointment. It’s the way how HundredGraphs give users self-awareness and helps turn it into a satisfactory and environmentally-conscious outcome.


Launched: January 2009

The goal of U.S. Green Technology, which was founded in January 2009, is to intersect Main Street with Green Street by focusing on green technology news, new green start-ups, green technological inventions and green jobs. We also highlight green building, green manufacturing, changes in green business, green social media campaigns, and the spread of the green movement in entertainment.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy will make up a growing share of power sources used in the 21st century to help to combat the negative effects of fossil fuels. In addition, more individual efforts are being made to “go green,” or to take a small part in the mass effort to better the environment. This includes recycling to reduce the amount of wastes sent to landfills, thus decreasing levels of water and soil pollution in America. Green technology efforts also result in economy-stimulating green jobs, which are becoming more prominent throughout the United States.


Launched: January 2019

Cleantech Geek is an informative platform that sits in the intersection of sustainability and entrepreneurship. Combining articles, videos, and podcasts, we intend to provide the stage for creative thinking and constructive discussions.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

Cleantech Geek is different because it derives from the need of the industry to hear the opinions of big and small market players. We want everyone to have a voice and express their opinions for free. We aim to challenge perspectives and provide alternatives, shaping our industry, especially in renewables.



Launched: 2019

EcoFoote offers a range of sustainable solutions that promote the transition to a greener economy. We have developed a multi-dimensional approach to sustainability that benefits both people and businesses. Our carbon compensation method promotes the restoration of ecosystems through our reforestation projects. EcoFoote also offers Eco-Education advanced online courses to educate, upskill, and qualify you and your employees in the field of sustainability. Lastly, we can help you track your company’s carbon emissions and set goals to reduce them. We’ve partnered with reforestation organisations to reduce global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and to take action to minimise climate change.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

We offer a multidimensional approach to sustainability. Our software and app as a service provides a means for people and businesses to track and reduce their environmental impact. We guide people to reduce their impact, reward them for eco-friendly actions and connect them to sustainable solutions to promote responsible consumption and production. We offer additional services such as carbon offset and environmental education on top of our software services.


Launched: 2014

GreenMatch is a comprehensive guide designed to help you navigate the transition to renewable energy. We care about the environment and believe that everyone has a part to play in making the UK a little greener. GreenMatch strives to engage more homes and families in sustainability. That’s why we promote using clean energy wherever possible and provide you with all the necessary information to make the switch easier.

If you are a green enthusiast too, do take a look at the huge collection of articles on our recognised business blog. At GreenMatch we constantly strive to keep you well informed on all green energy products and news, so that you can make the best decisions for your sustainable home.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

Over the years, GreenMatch has created hundreds of posts in the forms of articles, videos, infographics and have it as their mission to inform and educate the public to transform the planet into a clean and healthy environment to live in. What makes GreenMatch stand out is that it has become a brand known for providing the latest green energy news and articles.

Discover more sites and blogs that you can follow discussing sustainable technology. Check out these tech review sites that provide insights on electric scooter technology.


Launched: 2020

Trace enables individuals and businesses to take immediate climate action with simple, cost effective & rewarding solutions. Measure, reduce & offset your carbon footprint. We are removing the barriers to action for everyone who cares deeply about the environment we live in.

Q: How is your site different from other green technology sites?

We are the first subscription plan in Australia for individuals to offset their carbon footprint. For businesses we calculate your carbon footprint for free, today many of the options have a large consulting and audit fee attached which is great if you are a very evolved business but for many this is not appropriate. Trace also provides all of its clients with a custom built marketing package so that you can easily and effectively tell your consumers about your impact.


How is your site different from other green technology sites?

Energy Locals is an energy provider that believes in the science of climate change and is doing something about it. Awarded Green Energy Retailer of the Year by Finder, we’re on a mission to provide Australians with cheaper, cleaner, fairer energy. Join to save on your energy bill with 100% carbon neutral power at no extra cost and wholesale prices for all your usage thanks to our membership approach.