Tech Review Sites for Electric Scooters Should Read and Follow

Tech Review Sites for Electric Scooters That You Should Read and Follow

Tech Review Sites for Electric Scooters That You Should Read and Follow

More Australians have been using electric scooters in recent years due to its popularity as a convenient and efficient personal transport around the city. Moreover, ride-sharing e-scooters have made its demand soar, as the public saw its efficiency and fun.

For those who are new to electric scooters or can’t decide which electric scooter to buy, we rounded up some of the best electric scooter reviews in Australia and globally. You can find various reviews on local e-scooter brands like Mearth and other global brands.

The following tech review sites also feature news, insights, and tips about the electric scooter industry. You can also find articles answering questions such as “How does an electric scooter work?” or “Are electric scooters eco-friendly?” Moreover, some of the websites cover electric vehicles in general, so you can learn more about other micro-mobile electric vehicles such as electric bikes.

Whether you’re new to the electric scooter industry or a long-time fan, here are the top electric scooter review sites that you should read and follow for this year.


Launched: 2017 is a website that was established with the motto or mission to promote electric vehicles around the world and create EV awareness. The website publishes news, reviews, expert interviews, new product launches, and conferences that are related to electric vehicles. This means you can not only read helpful content about electric scooters, but also see related articles about electric bikes, electric buses, electric cars, and electric boats, among many others.

Aside from these, also provides in-depth research and analysis of the industry, start-up features, monthly polls, upcoming events, and a monthly sales report of electric vehicles across India. This is definitely a go-to website for electric vehicle enthusiasts and for those who work in the EV industry.

A: Our site is unique in terms of the content offering. We do research articles, latest updates, and startups related to electric vehicles only. We are also maintaining an electric vehicles channel, and it stands in the top 3 for EV technology around the world.


Launched: 2020

EV Duniya is a platform that showcases the latest information, updates, news, and reviews related to the electric vehicle industry. Any individual can contribute data or updates on the website. Businesses can also feature their products on the website to get their desired visibility and global exposure.

Similar to the previous review site, EV Duniya also provides a wide range of topics and electric vehicles from electric scooter reviews to electric vehicle charging stations. Since the website is open for collaborations, readers and electric vehicle enthusiasts can find relevant content not only from India but also from most parts of the world.

According to their vision and mission statement, EV Duniya aims to promote electric vehicles for its smooth adoption in the future while making the planet a better and greener place to live in.

A: We post unbiased articles and reviews on our website, irrespective of the post being sponsored or not. Our aim is to provide free access to data about the EV Industry from one source to individuals around the world.


Launched: 2018

ScootersDream is a site specialising in the world of electric scooters. You can find tips for maintaining your machine, reviews and tests of new scooters arriving on the market, and even thoughts and insights on the general micro-mobility market.

This is a great electric scooter review website to follow, especially for those who want to learn more about electric scooters. It features articles on the basics of riding an electric scooter, how to care for your scooter, and familiarizing yourself with your electric scooter.

A: ScootersDream is different from other sites because I work in the world of electric scooters and I know the products and the market as a whole very well. I have been to China several times to visit the production factories. This gives Scootersdream a better perspective on the products.


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Hopefully, this quick list has helped you find new content to improve your knowledge of electric scooters. Whether you’re a rider or an enthusiast, knowing more about electric scooters will help you understand how to ride safer and care for your electric scooter better. Moreover, you can determine the right electric scooter that fits your needs and lifestyle. 

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