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Tips When Parking Your Electric Scooter in Public

Tips When Parking Your Electric Scooter in Public

Electric scooters offer riders flexibility not only when it comes to riding but also parking or storing them. Since e-scooters are lightweight, foldable, and dockless, they can be brought inside buildings or left outside conveniently. However, when left outside, electric scooters can become a nuisance to pedestrians and other riders.

Improper parking can block footpaths or cycle paths, cause someone to trip, cause clutter, and lead to safety concerns. Fortunately, this can be avoided if you know how to park them properly in public. This electric scooter guide will show you the tips to park your electric scooter safely and legally in public.

Common electric scooter parking mistakes

Whether you are riding a personal or shared electric scooter, don’t make these parking mistakes.

    • Parking on private property
      Avoid parking outside of someone else’s house or a private establishment. Park in public spaces instead. 
  • Parking at a bus stop
    Don’t park electric scooters at bus stops or subway stations as it can block pedestrians or other transport.
  • Parking at emergency exits or doorways
    In case of an emergency, the e-scooter can block the pathway and cause an incident.
  • Blocking a pathway
    Parking it improperly on footpaths and lanes can cause accidents for pedestrians, people with disabilities, and other riders.
  • Leaving it flat on the ground
  • The e-scooter will block the path of pedestrians and make it difficult for other riders to pick it up if you are using a shared e-scooter.

    How to park your electric scooter outside

    1. Think before you park

    Before you park and leave your electric scooter behind, it’s important to assess your parking spot before leaving it. First of all, don’t make the mistake of leaving it in a space that can block others’ paths. Are you on a footpath, driveway, or building entrance? If you are, it’s best to find another spot to park your electric scooter. Keep in mind that you can face a fine or ban due to improper electric scooter parking. So, make sure to park on designated spots and pavements to avoid inconvenience.  

    2. Look for an ideal parking spot

    Ideal parking spots include electric scooter parking racks, bike racks, the furniture zone of footpaths, areas closer to the curb, and areas that are not blocking the way or filled with crowds or vehicles. Also, remember not to park on loading zones, curb ramps, and landscaped areas. However, as much as possible, look for a bike or e-scooter rack to park your e-scooter properly and safely.

    3. Park it properly

    When parking your electric scooter, remember to lower the kickstand to allow the electric scooter to stand up and avoid falling over. Place the electric scooter along the wall to avoid obstructing the way on footpaths. Also, make sure to park it on a flat and stable surface. Finally, if you are using a shared electric scooter, leave it in an area or position that will make it easy for the next rider to pick it up.

    4. Lock your electric scooter

    Unfortunately, leaving your electric scooter outside will make it prone to theft. Since it’s lightweight and easy to carry, anyone can just steal them, especially if it’s unprotected. Moreover, if your area has a high bike theft rate, it’s also likely that there are e-scooter thieves.

    To prevent your electric scooter from getting stolen, lock your e-scooter to a bike or e-scooter rack using a reliable and durable lock. From cable to chain locks, there are different types of locks to choose from. If you are not sure which lock to buy, this electric scooter guide will walk you through which e-scooter lock to buy.

    Parking during cold weather

    As you know cold temperatures affect an electric scooter’s battery life. Lithium batteries use chemical reactions to run, and cold weather can slow down or stop these reactions. In turn, it decreases your battery performance and lifespan, resulting in a decreased range. So, what do you do when you need to leave your electric scooter outside during cold weather?

    One way to keep it warm is to cover it with a heated blanket or cover. There are cheap covers available that contain insulation material to prevent your electric scooter from freezing. The blankets or covers are zipped around the deck to protect the battery. If your battery is found inside the stem, then you cover the stem. However, feel free to cover the whole deck as well to protect your electric scooter from the cold and debris.

    Park safely

    Whether you are riding a personal or shared electric scooter, keep the following tips in mind to properly park your e-scooter in public. Remember that one of the benefits of electric scooters is their efficient use of space. However, people and cities won’t be able to maximise this if riders leave their e-scooters recklessly. 

    Make it a habit to park in designated parking spots and away from crowds, pathways, and vehicles. You will not only keep your e-scooter safe and secure but also keep yourself away from receiving fines or penalties.

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