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Should College Students Use Electric Scooters?


Scooters are no longer only used by kids and teens for recreational trips. Adult electric scooters now offer more by providing a longer range and a better lasting device. As a result, it makes them a great alternative ride for college students and working adults. As the popularity of e-scooters increase, the number of college students and universities using them has also increased since its boom.

Electric scooters on campuses provide a fast and easy way to go to university or get around the area. However, should college students use electric scooters? Are they really convenient and helpful? This article lists down several perks of using e-scooters for both students and campuses.

The Perks of Riding E-scooters for College or University Students

1. Affordable Ride

Going to university or college is quite expensive. Aside from the tuition fees, you also pay for food, rent, other school fees, and more. However, if you live a distance from the university, transportation will take up one of the biggest parts of a college student’s budget. That’s why many students are starting to ride shared or private e-scooters to campus.

Owning an average commuter electric scooter costs around $500 to $1000. However, budget e-scooters can cost less. The best electric scooters for college students include a lightweight budget electric scooter that offers basic specs and features. It should be able to take you a max range of 20-25km within the speed limit.   

However, college students can also opt for ride-sharing options if their campus allows them. These will be more cost-effective for students who don’t need to use e-scooters every day. Overall, e-scooters offer a more affordable way to commute.

2. Hassle-free Commute

Another reason college students should start riding electric scooters is their hassle-free rides. Their lightweight and compact size make them easy to carry around campus and the city. They are even small enough to be placed under a desk or leaned against a wall. This is a convenient ride for those who need to cross campuses quickly and easily.

The best scooter for college students offers portability and convenience without sacrificing power and performance. For example, the Mearth S Pro offers a 15 kg foldable electric scooter that offers up to 32 kph (default at 25 kph) and delivers up to 45 km per charge. The best part is that it is equipped with swappable batteries, allowing students to extend their trips by carrying multiple batteries.

3. Time-saving

If you are running late for class, an e-scooter can help you save time without the hassle. E-scooters can reach high speeds, allowing you to zip through campus or the city with ease. Despite the speed limit, you can still get to your destination quickly. Its compact size enables you to bypass traffic and enter narrow alternative routes. You can get to school faster if you choose shorter routes where e-scooters are allowed.

Overall, e-scooters are time-efficient rides given that many cities are already congested and many commuters lose time due to traffic. Save time and do more at school when you ride an e-scooter.

4.  Accessible and Easy to Learn

Riding an electric scooter is perfect for college students since they don’t require any license and training. Unlike riding a car, a college student will need to undergo driving lessons and pass a driving test to drive a car legally. Most states and territories in Australia don’t need a license and e-scooter registration to ride one in public. Anyone of legal age can ride them as long as you follow the speed limit, e-scooter size, and other specs stated in your city’s e-scooter law.

Moreover, riding e-scooters doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Riding a bicycle requires a bit of practice, balance, and confidence. Although riding e-scooters also needs the same, they require less effort and are easier to learn. When learning how to ride an e-scooter, make sure to practice in a safe environment first like your yard or inside the campus.

5. Zero-emission Trips

More people, especially the younger generation, are becoming more aware and conscious of the environment. One way that college students can reduce their carbon footprint is to make wiser commuting choices by riding personal electric mobility devices, such as e-scooters, e-bikes, as well as their traditional counterparts.

Shared e-scooters in Paris helped reduce carbon emissions by 330 metric tons in a year, according to a Lime study. This is possible since e-scooters have zero emissions. If more cities and campuses allow e-scooters in public, it would reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere significantly in the future. Ultimately, e-scooters are an eco-friendly way to travel anywhere and anytime.

The Benefits of E-scooters for Colleges and Universities

1. Reduce Campus Parking

There are pros and cons of electric scooters on campus, but e-scooters are showing more benefits than cons. One perk of using e-scooters on campus is reducing the number of parked cars. Colleges in large cities specifically have limited parking space. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right or vacant parking spot.

However, using a private or shared electric scooter, allows you to leave it in its designated parking slot or carry it with you inside the class. It is a space saver for campuses that lack parking space.

2. Enable Easy Cross Campus Travel

Enabling e-scooters on large campuses allows students to get around quicker. Students who need to carry a lot of books or items will feel quite drained when travelling from one building to another, especially if it’s on the other side of the campus. Overall, it’s an easy way to get around and avoid being late for class.

More Than Just a Trend

Electric scooters have proven to be more than just a trend or a recreational ride. They now provide an efficient, convenient, and affordable means of transportation, especially for students. More e-scooter brands are now offering electric scooters for students so it is easier to find a budget-friendly, portable, and efficient ride.

Check out Mearth’s current e-scooter series to see which e-scooters fit your needs. For more electric scooter guides, tips, and news, read Mearth’s blogs.