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MEARTH RS: High-performing long-range electric scooter

Mearth RS Unrivaled Long-range Electric Scooter

Beyond business, there’s a micro-mobile device where performance, reliability, comfort, and safety wield balance in one’s day-to-day commuting. That's MEARTH RS long-range electric scooter.

Extending one’s ride, to traverse roads ahead that spell unlimited, for a bit of leisurely time out. Now, that is a cool long-range e-scooter.

The MEARTH RS long-range electric scooter is built with the lightest, strongest metal for a sleek, stylish finish too. You will indulge your yen for freedom beyond the trails. Desiring to ride out into open spaces? You can safely exceed the 40km limit.  

How the RSlong-range e-scooter differs from other brands on the market today is in the motor, range, battery capacity, and price. All these give riders the flexibility to choose  MEARTH RS for exceptional performance at a price that fits the rider’s lifestyle.

Furthermore, by year 2028, it is predicted that global e-scooter sales might reach 129 million units. Therefore, other players are expected to release local e-scooter brands to dip into the Australian base.   Accepting future challenges, Australian electric scooter maker MEARTH will also continue designing top-notch quality electric scooters that offer innovative features, and powerful specs to make commuting even more convenient and comfortable for riders.

Check out MEARTH RS Long-Range Electric Scooter winning features:

Easy, a one-click folding mechanism for easy carrying 

The no-hassle folding structure allows the rider to fold and unfold it easily, quickly, and safely -  is convenient to store almost anywhere. The stem locks firmly into place to ensure its stability while riding.


Highly efficient battery and  premium motor long-range e-scooter

What's more, the Mearth RS has a highly efficient and concentrated lithium battery that turns kinetic energy (the rider’s movement) into electric energy. The battery is safe, durable, and stands the test of time. In addition, this battery also comes with six intelligent protection mechanisms, including short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly, and under-voltage. (automatic sleep) protection. What’s more, the Mearth RS comes with a 500W high-speed brushless motor, allowing you to power over all types of terrain. 

 3 Riding mode option

In addition, the three riding modes for different environments futher help you to easily switch between Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with the press of a button.

Large LED Display

Access all your riding modes, and check your speed, power, and more with a large HR LED screen display.

 Wear-resistant, water-resistant long-range e-scooter

Moreover, it also uses wear-resistant and explosion-proof 10-inch pneumatic tires, allowing riders to pass through difficult paths easily. Durable tires provide good shock absorption to improve ride quality.

 Durability and stability on the road

The MEARTH RS long-range electric scooter weighs 23 kg and it lets you ride at a top speed of 40 km/h (capped at 25 km/h as per Australian e-scooter law), and offers a max load of 100 kg. It can take on different terrains, such as flat roads, cement, mud, gravel, and uneven paths, and can also ride hills with a climbing angle of up to 25 degrees.

 Multiple brakes

The MEARTH RS has multiple braking systems for extra safety on the road, like front and rear disc brakes, a rear foot brake, an anti-lock electric brake, and a double handgrip brake too.


There’s more to love about MEARTH RS long-range e-scooter.

Its wide, non-slip grip texture deck (18.3cms provide the rider with a more stable and comfortable riding position), it further makes use of its buzzers and bells to warn oncoming pedestrians and vehicles, and tough magnesium alloy. 


The MEARTH RS specs:

  • COLOR                        -        Black
  • MOTOR                        -        500W
  • BATTERY                     -        500W Motor, 36V (Max 850W output)
  • POWER MANAGEMENT        -     6 intelligent protection mechanisms, including: short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly and under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection.
  • RANGE                        -        65km
  • MAX SPEED                -        25km/h (in line with Australian public safety regulations), up to 40km/h (on private property)
  • CHARGING TIME        -        8-9 hours
  • LIGHTS                        -        LED high-brightness front light, rear LED light
  • DISPLAY                      -        HD LED
  • BRAKES                      -         Efficient dual disc brakes
  • LIGHTS                        -        LED High-brightness front light and rear LED   taillight                                                      
  • WEIGHT                       -        23KG
  • MAX LOAD                  -        100KG
  • DIMENSIONS              -        Open 111cm x 50cm x 123cm; Folded 111 x 599 x 540cm                                               
  • CONSTRUCTION        -        Magnesium Alloy
  • TIRES                           -        10" explosion-proof non-slip rubber tires
  • INCLINE                        -        25 degree grade ability
  • WATER                         -        Water resistant (IPX4)


Lastly, without a doubt, the MEARTH RS therefore, is the ultimate long-range e-scooter scooter in its class. As many have happily affirmed, the RS is a total package that more than meets your expectations. See for yourself and ride it. You will know for sure that it offers everything you need beyond your daily trips.