Mearth History | Mearth Electric Scooter

Mearth History

In 2016, two engineers with different backgrounds came together with one goal in mind – the creation of the most innovative and stylish Electric scooter available on the market. Their primary challenge was discovering how they could utilize their technical expertise to discover new ground to make a breakthrough. They looked at the simplicity of the scooter and decided it could be better.

For this group of engineers, the improvement was a constant, it just needed to be deciphered. To achieve this, they needed to think outside of the box. The electric scooter didn’t have any issues that needed to be solved, or did it? Where do you start? How do you improve on a design? The goal was the most compact deck available that could withstand any challenge.

This involved the tireless and endless number of hours spent on research and stress analysis to find strength without sacrificing size or design elements. Controller programming required hundreds of tests and reprogramming for maximum motor efficiency, so as to ensure optimal riding experience, from a time and safety aspect from the battery power source.

The components that make the Electric-scooter a unique piece of technology as it is today, had been scrutinized over until perfected. The team dedicated hours of their engineering expertise to ensure the most exceptional end product was made available to the customers. By teaming with experts like LG to ensure that the batteries they supply to us for our E-scooters are of the highest-quality, we ensure customer safety, which always remains as our top priority.

After significant trials, testing, research, and refinement, the Mearth E-scooter was formed. The culmination of hard work, technological advancement, and craftsmanship. The result is the most innovative scooter the world has ever seen, accessible to everyone just as things should be.

The exciting part of all this is – it’s just where the story starts. The original group that created the Electric scooter are continually striving to better themselves and constantly improving on their design. They will never be satisfied with things remaining stagnant; this is merely the beginning.