MEARTH Partners with TEAM BOLT for Australian Supercross

MEARTH Partners with TEAM BOLT EVERYWEAR for Australian Supercross Championship 2022



It's action all the way as MEARTH joins BOLT at the 2022 Australian Supercross Championship! 

MEARTH, the best-loved Australian brand of top-tier, high-performing electric scooters shows all-out support for BOLT, the premium everywear racewear brand as it contends and competes in the Australian Supercross motorcycle championship race starting this October, in Melbourne Australia.


Mark the date: 21-22 October, 2022 

Australian Supercross 2022  

Marvel Stadium in Melbourne.


You'll be amazed when BOLT springs into action. What could be better than a front row seat to all that's happening! The audience are just going to love every minute of the frenetic, heart-stopping action - from start to finish! Intense race to the finish, non-stop display of epic, freestyle stunts. 

So gather your boots, parkas, hoodies and all, and step right up! Sign in early to get a front row seat of the most exciting, action-packed, adrenalin-pumping, highly competitive event this season. Get ready to be bowled over in this supercharged experience as BOLT shows and wows everyone with its motions and maneuvers. 

It’s a race for domestic championship honors, with the chance to best it out with other contenders in the world stage for the WSX Championship racing! Best of all, it give BOLT the opportunity to get into cutting-edge game, to compete against some of the world’s best Supercross riders like Ken Roczen, Dean Wilson, Max Anstle, and more!   Hurry! Reserve your tickets now for a piece of the adrenalin-pumping and ride maneuver overload at the 2022 Australian Supercross event.