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Lime Scooters to Roll into Brisbane’s Suburbs

Electric scooter rental company Lime is changing its focus from central business districts to the suburbs of Brisbane in the coming days. Yes, electric scooters are now spreading from the city streets to your neighborhood. Lime previously pulled out its electric scooters for hire at the start of the coronavirus pandemic but is now continuing its operations. 

Lime’s “Rolls Royce of Electric Scooters” to Arrive in Brisbane

Lime has taken its scooters all over cities in Australia, battling it out with rideshare companies Bird and Neuron. The company will be offering its third-generation electric scooter in Brisbane exclusively. The same green and white e-scooter now have a larger wheel, improved suspension, dual braking system, and lock-in helmet technology according to Lime’s general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Wendy Rattray. 

Providing their own machines instead of using a fleet of budget electric scooters is a better choice for their customers. However, electric scooters are designed for single use only. You can buy an affordable Toyota and use it as a Taxi, but that doesn’t work for an electric scooter.

Are Electric Scooters for Hire Worth it? 

The main question is, should you continue renting an electric scooter or just buy your own? 

A software glitch in Lime Scooters was discovered in February last year, causing the brake on the front wheel to lock up mid-ride. The incident was first reported in Auckland, New Zealand. The same incidents eventually surfaced in Brisbane, causing serious injuries

Affected electric scooters were removed from circulation according to a Lime spokesperson. However, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found Lime had misrepresented its safety record to consumers in June. Lime stated that they have addressed the issue through a court-enforceable agreement and resolved the issue. 

Rideshare companies are overlooking the biggest flaw in their business model that is causing all these problems.

It’s smarter and safer to buy your own electric scooter in the long run. Electric scooter laws in Australia vary, but as long as you comply with regulations you won’t get fined. There are guides on how to choose the right electric scooter, including the best entry-level e-scooter in the market.