Is it Time to Replace Your Electric Scooter Battery?

Is it Time to Replace Your Electric Scooter Battery?



Know the Signs.

Just when you’re getting used to having fun, loving the freedom while riding your commuter electric scooter for adults, your personal mobile device slows down in the middle of your trip. And then it stops. Just like that. Now, what just happened there?

There are articles where electric scooter riders are advised at the start after making the purchase to take responsibility, to be accountable for the maintenance of their e-scooter. The need to take good care of it routinely, cleaning it properly, checking out possible wear and tear or damage and repairing it promptly does not mean one is being fussy. But by diligently doing so, you will reap years of unimpeded and enjoyable ride, after ride. 

While many electric scooters use only one battery, commuter e-scooter the S Series from Mearth offers hot swappable batteries to let you continue your day’s journey if you accidentally damage your battery or if it wears down without warning, suddenly stopping in the middle of the street where you’re riding. No buts, no ifs -- you need to replace it immediately to avoid causing further damage to your e-scooter.


When do you replace an electric scooter battery?

Replace your electric scooter battery when it is no longer turning on or charging. In case the battery also incurred physical damage, such as a burn or short circuit, you must change it immediately to avoid incurring further issues with your e-scooter.

In such situations, it is best to have your e-scooter battery replaced by a mechanic. While e-scooter owners may also do it themselves, they need to have the right tools and should proceed carefully. 


How long does an electric scooter battery last? 

It all depends on how you well you take care of your battery. For one, a lithium-ion battery lasts around 300 to 500 charges, or from 4,800 km to 16,000 km before its capacity diminishes.


How much does it cost to replace an electric scooter battery?

The cost of replacing (or retiring) an unusable or old battery that’s no longer working depends on the brand and type of battery you will buy. Some batteries are unreasonably expensive, while there are others that are sold at a reasonable price. The lithium-ion battery for electric scooters like that of the Mearth brand only costs from $140 to $700. It is the most common e-scooter battery. The actual cost depends on other brands of similar battery type, quality, weight, and lifespan.

Sure, there may be more affordable generic e-scooter batteries sold online, but nothing beats using the original battery that is suitable and ideal for your e-scooter's charger.

When you check reviews online before buying batteries from a retailer you don’t know, you will be able to compare and distinguish if the battery is reliable, and that you are buying from a trusted, legitimate retailer or manufacturer. 


Where can you buy the battery for your e-scooter?

Word of advise - when buying a battery replacement, it is best that you buy from the same manufacturer where you bought your Mearth electric scooter, for example, which bears the same brand and model. It will ensure that you are using quality batteries for your e-scooter. 

Overall, the best place to buy an e-scooter battery is where you bought your e-scooter. Contact your retailer and ask if they sell the battery for your e-scooter. While you’re at it, ask if they also offer repairs, to help you replace your battery easier.

Buy the replacement battery directly from the brand or manufacturer if they have a physical or online store available. If you will buy from an online retailer, always buy from a trusted e-scooter retailer to avoid getting scammed by fake or defective parts.

In conclusion, remember to buy the same electric scooter battery with the same specifications as the original battery to avoid experiencing any complications with your e-scooter.

If you need to have your Mearth e-scooter battery replaced, you may request a repair on via for any enquiries on your e-scooter battery or repair.