iPlay and Mearth collaborate to PLAY WIN RIDE promo!

iPlay and Mearth collaborate to give happiness to kids in PLAY WIN RIDE promo!


Calling all kids out there! From July 27 to August 28, 2022, six Mearth S electric scooters will be given away to lucky players. 

Mearth, the premier Australian manufacturer of the best-loved, entry-level, high-quality Mearth S electric scooter boasts these awesome features:

Motor power -350W 750W Burst Output
Capacity - Standard 180WH / 36V / 5AH
Range - 15km to 25km
Max speed - 20km/h to 25km/h

The Mearth S is a top-selling entry-level electric scooter that’s durable and foldable. Designed for teens and young adults to help ease one’s daily commute in the city, Mearth S offers the most compact and lightweight electric scooter, weighing only 12.5 kg. As a portable e-scooter, it is fashioned with a quick-folding mechanism, all for the rider’s convenience. 

These features make it easy to fold and unfold the e-scooter, bring it anywhere, and easily store it in small spaces. The Mearth S also features a rear disc brake which supports top speed. Overall, the Mearth S electric scooter is one efficient e-scooter purposely created with the starting out rider’s ease and practicality of use in mind.

Joining is easy!

Choose an entry deal to load your play card with and make sure you are registered.

Enter $35 in credit and get 1 entry.

Enter $50 in credit and get free $20 bonus credit or a $70 total credit, and get 2 entries.

Enter $75 in credit and get 3 entries. 

If you enter $100  in credit, you, as the player is entitled to 5 entries to the iPlay and Mearth giveaway promo.

Grab the chance to earn 500 bonus tickets to be used in the iPlay redemption store.

Important: All those joining in the Mearth and iPlay giveaway promo are required to register their play cards to make their entry or entries valid.  Hurry! Get running to the iPlay store near your area and register. This promo is good only from July 27 to August 28, 2022. See posters for more details.