‘How-to-Tips’ to Maintain Your Electric Scooter Battery

‘How-to-Tips’ to Maintain Your Electric Scooter Battery


Uh-oh. You don’t want to see the signs. But sometimes it happens with the most expensive or the basic e-scooter model sold in the market. All types of electric scooters can badly get damaged with negligent, improper or careless use -- to the point of being irreparable.

There is a solution though. And the good thing about it is you don’t need special equipment or mechanical expertise to maintain your electric scooter in tip-top condition. Prevention is key. Here’s how to do it:


Store your electric scooter properly

Electric scooters are equipped with powerful Li-on batteries that are affected by temperature. So make sure you don’t leave it under cold, humid, or rainy or extreme weather conditions. Foldable and compact, there is no need for big storage space. Just stow them away in a dry area in room temperature. 


Maintain your battery

While the lifespan of an electric scooter’s battery is limited it’s won’t suddenly die and pound on your e-scooter, but then your ride will be slower and shorter. However, the lifespan of your electric scooter battery can be prolonged, with proper maintenance. Case in point, if you decide to buy a new battery for your Mearth S Pro commuter electric scooter or RS Pro long-range electric scooter, never settle for generic brands because branded e-scooter batteries like Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and Sanyo are made from high-quality components. You will immediately see and feel the big difference. 


Clean the e-scooter with care

Owners of electric scooters should know that their rideable may be water-resistant (as some are), but not waterproof. The way an e-scooter is built is to prevent water splashes from getting into its electronics parts and the battery, but it should not be submerged in water. The best way to clean one’s electric scooter is to use: a dry microfiber cloth, wheel and tire cleaner, and 40 WD degreaser. You can also use a detergent or dishwashing liquid alternately. 


Make routine check-ups

Always check your electric scooter before and after every ride. Examine the screws down to its important components. Are there any bolts loose? Is the stem wobbly? Is the front wheel misaligned? What about your tyre pressure, is it adequate? You need to test out if your disc brake is making a noise. Are your wheel threads already worn out? Electric scooters are simple personal mobility devices, but you need to consider that the simplest of problems can adversely the quality of your ride. If you ride your e-scooter daily, you need to inspect it before and after you ride it. Being inconsistent about doing so can later affect your ride performance. By identifying potential problems early on, you can help avoid accidents, or that your e-scooter won’t run anymore. 

Maintain your electric scooter tyres

Avoid going through the nightmare of having to change a punctured pneumatic tyre just because there was no proper maintenance exerted. Doing routine check-ups and then using a tyre sealant can help reduce the unfortunate episode of a flat tyre. It is recommended to change your electric scooter tyres when they get worn out. It is safer to do so than having worn out tyres give up under you.


Lastly, ride sensibly

Word of advise: Ride carefully. Adopt a proactive riding style where you let your body steer the electric scooter, maneuver it smoothly so that it responds to the ground. Don’t be a passive rider, when you stand on the e-scooter, “drive” it as you would a motorcycle – be in control but don’t ride too fast lest you violate road rules. When you handle your electric scooter with care and ride it properly, you avoid getting off-balanced and fall down.

As you enjoy your ride, be a diligent owner and responsible rider. Conscientiously following these tips can extend the ride quality and overall lifespan of your e-scooter battery.