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How to Replace an Electric Scooter Battery


Electric scooters for adults in Australia are becoming the norm in city streets. These personal electric mobility devices continue to prove their practicality and eco-friendliness, making them a go-to transport for many commuters. However, unlike cars and motorcycles, e-scooters tend to last fewer years. Specifically, you need to replace the electric scooter battery, especially if you don’t take care of it properly.

Most electric scooters use only one battery, but there are electric scooters for sale online that offer swappable batteries, such as the Mearth S Series. If you accidentally damage your battery or if it wears down quickly, you need to replace it immediately to avoid further damage to your e-scooter.

It is best to have your e-scooter battery replaced by a mechanic. E-scooter owners may also do it themselves as long as they have the right tools and proceed carefully. Check out this guide on how to replace an electric scooter battery.

When to Replace an Electric Scooter Battery

Replace your electric scooter battery when it is no longer turning on or charging. If the battery also incurred physical damage, such as a burn or short circuit, change it immediately to avoid further issues with your e-scooter.

How long does an electric scooter battery last? It depends on the e-scooter mode, battery type, and how you take care of your battery. In general, a lithium-ion battery lasts around 300 to 500 charges or 4,800 km to 16,000 km before its capacity decreases.

How Much It Costs to Replace an Electric Scooter Battery

Electric scooter battery replacement cost depends on the brand and type of battery you will buy. Note that some batteries are expensive, while others come at a reasonable price. For example, a nickel-metal hydride battery costs around $140, while a lead-acid battery costs $110.

On the other hand, a Lithium-ion battery for electric scooters costs from $140 to $700. It is the most common e-scooter battery, but it is also the most expensive to replace. The actual cost depends on factors like the battery brand, quality, weight, and lifespan.

When buying a battery replacement, make sure to buy from the same manufacturer and for the same brand and model. It will ensure that you are using quality batteries for your e-scooter. You may see more affordable generic e-scooter batteries online, but nothing beats using the original charger meant for your e-scooter.

Moreover, always buy from a reliable manufacturer or retailer. Check reviews online before buying batteries from a retailer you don’t know. Ideally, buy from the store or brand where you bought your e-scooter.

How to Replace an Electric Scooter Battery

You may follow this simple guide if you prefer to change your e-scooter battery on your own. If you are a first-time e-scooter owner, it’s recommended to have a professional handle it for you.

1. Remove the Panel on the Deck to Access the Battery

Electric scooters usually store the battery inside the deck. So, start by removing the panel on the bottom or top of your e-scooter. Make sure to switch off your e-scooter first before proceeding to change the battery.

To make it easier to remove the panel, turn your e-scooter on the side or upside down. Some of the tools you may need include screwdrivers, spanner, and Allen keys. The tools you will use depend on the screws or bolts on the panel and their size.

When unscrewing the panel, keep the screws altogether to avoid losing one piece and to know which screw goes where. Also, take a photo of the panel beforehand to help you identify where the screws or bolts should go.

2. Remove the Battery from the Deck

Remove the electric scooter battery carefully after removing the panel from the deck and keeping all the screws. Some electric scooters hide the battery underneath several wires, so you need to get that out of the way first. 

Then, remove the cables and connectors connected to the battery. However, snap a photo before unplugging them to help you insert the correct wires in the correct ports. Note that each electric scooter has a different design. So, it’s best to look for a battery replacement tutorial specifically for your unit to help you remove the battery correctly and safely.

3. Insert the New Battery

Now, take your new battery and insert it inside the deck. Refer to the photo you took to insert the correct wires and connectors in the battery. If the battery has bottom wires, plug them in first, and then connect the top wires. Make sure that each wire and connector are plugged in tightly to avoid loose wires and currents.

4. Close the Deck

After inserting the battery and connecting the wires securely, it’s time to close off the deck. Take the screws and bolts you took out and insert them in the correct placements in the panel. 

Refer to the photo you took to ensure that each bolt and screw is placed in the proper place. Make sure to screw them tightly.

Once the panel is attached, test your electric scooter and see if every control works properly. If you encounter a problem while testing and you are not sure of the cause, have a local mechanic inspect the e-scooter. You may also check out our other electric scooter repair guides on our blog page.

Where to Buy the Battery for Your E-scooter

The best place to buy an e-scooter battery is where you bought your e-scooter. Contact your retailer and ask if they sell the battery for your e-scooter. While you’re at it, ask if they also offer repairs, to help you replace your battery easier.

Also, buy directly from the brand or manufacturer if they have a physical or online store available. If you will buy from an online retailer, always buy from a trusted e-scooter retailer to avoid getting fake or defective parts.

When buying a battery, remember to buy the same electric scooter battery specifications as the original battery to avoid complications with your e-scooter.

If you need to have your Mearth e-scooter battery replaced, you may request a repair on our website or contact for any enquiries on your e-scooter battery or repair.