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How to Repair a Flat Electric Scooter Tyre



Riding an electric scooter is fun, convenient, and good for the environment. However, like any other wheeled vehicle, electric scooters are also prone to punctures or flat tyres. If you own an electric scooter and always get a flat tyre, this guide shows how to repair a flat electric scooter tyre on your own and how to prevent your e-scooter from getting punctured.


Are Flat Tyres Common for Electric Scooters?

A flat electric scooter tyre is the most common electric scooter repair for those who own e-scooters using pneumatic or air-filled tyres. In fact, you may get a flat tyre once every six months on average.


Pneumatic tyres consist of two types of tyres: inner-tube and tubeless tyres. Inner tube tyres are the most common type of tyres for e-scooters, and it features an inner tube inside the outer tyre of the e-scooter. On the other hand, tubeless tyres do not contain an inner tube and only consist of an air-tight tyre wrapped around the rim.


Between the two tyres, tubeless tyres offer more resistance to punctures and damages, while inner-tube tyres are more prone to punctures. However, note that off-road electric scooter tyres experience less flat tyres as these are made to withstand rough terrains. 


Nonetheless, you are prone to experiencing a flat tyre if you own an electric scooter. So, you need to know the basics of repairing your tyres in case of emergencies.


How to Repair a Flat Electric Scooter Tyre

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Depending on the tyre damage, there are two ways on how to fix a scooter’s flat tyre.

Method 1: Replacing/Repairing the Electric Scooter Tyre

The most basic way to fix a flat tyre involves taking out the tyre from the rim or wheel, replacing or repairing the tyre, and installing the new tyre back to the rim. Use this method if your tyre incurred a big puncture or tear. 


Use tools depending on the tyre damage. Some of the tools that you may need include:

  • Wrench
  • Allen key
  • Tyre lever
  • Glue from a repair kit
  • Tyre patch


Here are the general steps that you can follow to repair an e-scooter tyre on any kind of e-scooter model. 

1. Remove the tyre from the rim

Start by unscrewing the bolts and screws to detach the tyre from the wheel. Keep in mind that this process can be complicated on some models with a more complicated wheel design. Be careful when detaching the tyre, and don’t lose the screws and bolts.

2. Release the air from the tyre

Next, deflate the tyre by opening the pump cap and using your hand or a stick to push the air out of the tyres. You may also use a tyre inflator to make it easier and quicker. Deflating will make it easier to work with the tyre.

3. Repair the tyre

If you prefer to repair the inner tube on your own, you may follow these steps:

  • Find the hole in the tube. You may immerse it in water to locate the hole. If you see bubbles on one spot of the tube, that’s where the hole is located.
  • Next, dry out the tube. Sand and degrease the area of the hole.
  • Apply a small amount of glue, spread it out, and wait for around three minutes.
  • Place the patch on the glued area and make sure to apply strong pressure to stick it in properly.
  • Remove the cover on top of the patch.

4. Install the tyre

After you repair the inner tube or if you choose to replace the tyre with a new one, install it back again to the wheel. Make sure that all the screws and bolts are complete and secured tightly.

5. Fill the tyre with air

Lastly, fill the tyre with the right amount of air pressure. You may do this as you install the tyre back into the wheel again. The order may depend on how the e-scooter wheel is designed.


After repairing or replacing your tyres, always test them to see if they are working properly and to ensure that all the screws are in place.


For a more detailed look into changing your electric scooter tyres, watch these instructional videos for changing tyres.


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Method 2: Using Tyre Sealant for Small Punctures

For small punctures, you may choose to seal the tyres using an electric scooter tyre sealant. Using tyre slime or tyre sealant is an affordable and quick way to repair small punctures on your e-scooter. It is made from a mixture of binders, glue, and synthetic fibres, which coats the inner wall of your e-scooter and prevents it from leaking air.


Some of the tools you may need include:

  • A good tyre sealant
  • Valve stem remover


Follow these steps to fix a flat tyre using a tyre sealant.

1. Remove the valve

Place the tyre vertically with the valve positioned on top. Then, remove the valve using a valve stem remover. Slowly remove it to avoid damaging the valve and the tyre.

2. Deflate the tyre

Release the air inside the tyre. Also, make sure to remove any object that is puncturing the tyre.

3. Fill the tyre with the sealant

Connect the tyre sealant to the valve and squeeze it to fill the tyre with the slime. Once the slime fills the puncture and makes contact with air, it will start the process of polymerization and seal the hole.

4. Close the valve and distribute the sealant

After filling the tyre, close the valve and turn the wheel around to distribute the sealant evenly. Now that your tyre is filled with sealant, the slime will protect your tyres from minor punctures or abrasions in the future.


Remember that this method doesn’t work on large holes and damages.


How to Prevent Electric Scooter Flats

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Although it is impossible to stop your pneumatic tyres from getting punctured, you can prevent your electric scooter from getting a flat tyre often. Practice the following tips below to maintain your electric scooter tyres and prevent them from getting punctured.


  • Check tyre pressure before riding
    Make sure that your tyres have enough air as recommended. Going over or under the recommended tyre pressure will make the tyres prone to puncture or damage and will give a less comfortable ride quality.

  • Use quality and heavy-duty inner tubes
    Invest in a heavy-duty inner tube to help your tyres withstand different terrains. Heavy-duty tyres are recommended for those who ride rough terrains regularly.

  • Replace old or worn-out tyres or inner tubes
    Don’t wait until your worn-out tyres give up or get punctured. Inspect your tyres regularly and see if it needs to be replaced. Always use tyres that are in top condition.

  • Avoid riding in extreme weather
    Riding in rainy, snowy, or rough conditions can wear your tyres quicker and expose them to sharp objects.

  • Ride responsibly
    Don’t abuse your tyres while riding to avoid getting a flat tyre and keep it in good condition. Don’t ride on terrain that you know your e-scooter tyres can’t handle.

    Learn more ways on how to prevent your electric scooter from having a flat tyre.


    Reach out to a Professional

    If a puncture or tyre damage seems too difficult to repair, seek professional help, especially for new e-scooter owners. Know that repairs can be dangerous, so it’s best to reach out to a local mechanic for help and your safety.

    If you need to repair your Mearth electric scooter, you may request a repair via our website and wait for a representative to help with your concern. For more information on Mearth’s electric scooter repair policy, see our FAQs page.