How To Make A Christmas Wish List for Love Ones and Friends: Part 1

How To Make A Christmas Wish List for Love Ones and Friends: Part 1




People making list, buying special gifts...and you wish you could give more…” As the song goes...

These two years of lockdowns and quarantines may have poured not just water, but ice cubes on the enthusiasm of most all over the world. Amid the impending pallor of the health crisis, there are sure to rise up, shimmers of good cheer, waiting to be unwrapped.

Indeed, ‘tis the season to be. Wishing those that we care about -- good health, joy, peace, prosperity, and good ol’ merriment. In other words, the season of giving, sharing, receiving, and hugging is unstoppable, never to be suspended.

Christmas IS DEFINITELY just around the corner. Since that’s the case, why not start early, because before you know it, Christmas well-wishers will be knocking on your door. No need to beat your brains looking for new Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got you ‘covered.’ Here are some tips:

1. Start early, if you can. 

The best way to make sure everything ends up on the Christmas list is to start early. Writing early on those ideas makes sure that nothing gets left off or added too late to make it into the gift bag. Try to consolidate their Christmas wish list around the same time you order your Holiday cards. This is around a month before the big day.

2. Make a list of everything you want, and try to keep it with you. 

Whether it’s in the notes of your phone or in a notebook, keeping a Christmas list whenever you’re on the go can help in times when inspiration strikes so things don’t get forgotten.

3. Prioritize your list. 

Once you have a full Christmas list, ask your better half, sibling or the kids to prioritize what’s on the list. That way you’ll be able to maximize your Christmas shopping budget.

4. Get Creative. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Christmas gifting. Think outside the box. Whether what you’re planning to give is a homemade gift or a gift of memorable experiences, you will see the awe, and that often turns out great. It’s also the perfect way to make sure this year’s Christmas is one to remember.

5. Try to focus on what the need is first. 

Does a loved one need a new hanger rack, or a new backpack, or new boots this year? Turning needed things into fun, customized gifts is a great way to accomplish those goals, as you celebrate the holidays.

6. Do a bit of fishing. 

Ask “what brings you joy?” At the end of the day, you want to see joy and excitement on your closest friends, loved one, siblings, parents,’ kids’ faces. So, consider too, what you feel would bring them the most joy on Christmas morning, then plan your Christmas shopping from there.

7. Remember that it’s about quality, not quantity. 

Don’t feel pressured to fill your house with Christmas presents just for the sake of it. Love ones will always remember their favorite, most meaningful gifts received, and not so much on the amount spent on the wrapped presents under the tree.

Now, what are some stuff you didn’t know you needed, but you could put on your Christmas list? Most often, this is the kind of stuff that you may not have -- and haven’t thought about it, but could really use.

Nice little accessories, tools, appliance or a PMD that make life easier, or quality products that you can rely on, for years to come. For starters, here are some practical and sensible gift ideas to give to family members, relatives, close friends and for you to receive as well:

1. Mearth S Pro or RS Electric Scooter - energy-efficient, environment-friendly, weaves through traffic efficiently, faster, portable, compact, lightweight, great for city commuting or long-range riding
2. Robot vacuum – because your floors will always need cleaning
3. Vacuum sealer – one of the best gifts to give ever
4. Air compressor – an essential if you have a car, bicycle, or anything inflatable
    5. Vehicle jump starter – you’ll be glad to have this someday
      6. Journal – journaling is great for promoting a healthy mind, it's a good mental exercise
        7. Laptop – everybody needs a new upgrade especially in the internet age
          8. Label maker – hmmm, now you know you want one now that it's mentioned
            9. Multi-tool kit– everything you need, plus bonus points for making it personalized
              10. Door security camera – peace of mind, fun tech, and useful for visitors and package deliveries
                11. Treadmill – stay fit while listening to audiobooks & podcasts
                  12. Personalized blender/tumbler – drink those smoothies on the go
                    13. Sports gear – for your favorite sport, activity, or hobby
                    14. Tent – Yes, because camping is fun
                    15. Sleeping bag – see above, because you will never know when you’re going to need one
                    16. Yard games – giant Jenga, corn hole, ring toss, Slammo, ladder toss
                    17. Kayak – perfect for water adventure in the river or lake
                    18. Water or jetski equipment – just in time for summer activities
                    19. Antler ring toss – cheap holiday fun for the whole family
                    20. Sports gear - for your favorite sport, activity or hobby
                    21. New Basketball hoop – portable, wall-mounted, or mini for inside game
                    22. Dart Board - another cheap family fun that's spot on to play indoors
                    23. Personalized (oak/aging) barrel trio – age your own wine and spirits at home, in a real oak barrel
                    24. Good quality, new, spacious luggage – whether you travel abroad or couch surf, you need a place to put your stuff
                    25. Travel Guide Books -Copenhagen/Paris/Spain/Maldives/Japan/Philippines as future travel reference

                      (7 Gift Rules, in next issue...)