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Helmets as Lifesavers



Lifesavers come in various forms. There’s a candy with a hole in the middle. Then there’s an inflated hoop to help keep a swimmer afloat on the water. But there’s a kind of lifesaver that can literally save one’s life – from a potential accident.  

Riding the e-scooter can be loads of fun. But the fun shouldn’t be short-lived or cut abruptly. So, even if you’re just using an electric scooter for buying a few things at a mom and pop store, or a big burger at fast food joint, which is just a kilometer or two away, your safety is of prime importance. And there are different types of helmets for motorcycles and scoters that you can use.


How do you find the right electric scooter helmet?

You instinctively know what would put your commute at high risk. Will riding at night and/or riding during poor weather conditions put your safety at risk? While you can use your electric scooter on wet roads – if you have solid tires - it’s not advisable to ride your e-scooter when there is a downpour.

Take note, some cities in Australia do not allow e-scooters on footpaths. So where does that leave you? It is not advisable to ride your electric scooter on high traffic roads that do not have bike lanes. The hazard is real. What to do? First and foremost, you need protection. While your whole body needs protection, the most sensitive and vulnerable part of your body, your head, needs the most hard-wearing ‘armor’ to deflect possible injury in case of unexpected collision. Wearing a sturdy helmet is a non-negotiable, especially because your life is valuable. 


Helmets. What are they?

They are the head’s protective gear against fatal onslaught to the head. Wearing one dates as far back to the Trojan war and Wonder Woman’s Amazonian training in Paradise Island (remember those movies?) So many variations have been invented, with enhancements and improvements done, since then.

Wearing a helmet that is appropriate is important. Before you buy one, measure the size of your head. How do you do that? Starting at an inch above your eyebrows, measure the circumference of your head. Helmet sizes are in centimeters. Repeat until you get an accurate and consistent result. Try on a couple of helmets at the store to get the best fit – not too tight, not too loose. Buy the one that makes feel you comfortable wearing it. 

And now, the most important question: What type of electric scooter helmet should you use? The type of helmet you’ll need must be based on the level of protection you’ll require and the speed of your electric scooter. 

    • a. Commuter Bike Helmet, also called the urban bike helmet, is designed for use in the streets. It is round instead of the elongated bike helmet that cyclists use on the road. Wearing this type of helmet is mandatory, especially if you’re commuting at a top speed of not more than 32 km/h. 

  • b. Mountain Bike Helmet is just about right if you’re traveling on a road with many obstacles or is high-traffic. Mountain bike helmets are a better choice then. You can choose between a trail helmet which is an open face type of helmet used in mountain biking, or an enduro helmet, which is a full face helmet, used in downhill competitions.

    If you’re in the city and want more protection, the trail helmet would be a good alternative. For more coverage than the trail helmet, the full face helmet protects the back and sides of your head, and also has a chin bar. It comes with ventilation designed to keep you cool.

    • c. Modular (Flip-up) Motorcycle Helmet. If you want to make the most out of your expensive high-performance electric scooter and ride for more than 32 km/h, you will need a motorcycle helmet. They’re larger and heavier than the commuter and mountain bike helmet, but they provide better protection.

  • d. Motocross or Dirt Bike Helmet. For maximum protection, the alternative to the motorcycle helmet is the Motorcross or dirt bike full face helmet. It has a design that’s similar to the enduro helmet. However, the safety standard for a bike helmet is different from a motorcycle helmet. Research well before you buy. 

    Another non-negotiable rule if you really want to ride an electric scooter: Make sure that the helmet you will buy complies with international safety standards. Electric scooters for adults are far from the kick scooter you had as a kid. You wouldn’t want to get injured, so you need to use it properly, following precautions. Overall, electric scooters are convenient personal micro-mobile vehicles. Be cautious, comply with electric scooter laws, and you can enjoy basking under the sun, avoiding all traffic and possible mishaps.

    Remember to ride responsibly, as you enjoy the freedom.