Heed the Signs: Replace Your E-scooter Battery Before it's Too Late

Heed the Signs: Replace Your E-scooter Battery Before it's Too Late

Heed the Signs Replace your E-Scooter Battery


Without skipping a beat, if asked what a battery is, or what are batteries for, the immediate response would probably be that they are a source of alternative energy, or tanks of ready energy waiting to be used. 

Batteries are built to be hardy because often times, they are used in various setting, so having a standby extended battery life is very important. This is very true for mobile phones, micro-mobility devices or electric scooters, motorboats and recreational vehicles, and others that need a ready reserve. 

In other words, a reliable battery is what you need to keep things operating uninterrupted. You wouldn’t want your battery suddenly fully discharging and ‘dying’ in the middle of a critical event or activity. When the battery of a device, equipment or appliance unexpectedly discharges, it disrupts everything, putting operation at a standstill.

All is not lost. A 12-volt battery may suddenly, unexpectedly ‘die’ on you, but most batteries will display signs that show their battery life is almost up. It is thus important to know those signs when a battery is nearing the end of its life. This way, you will be able to act promptly and replace You can avoid the battery with a fully charged one (like what Mearth offers – hot, hot swappable batteries) and as such, prevent an undesirable situation from happening, like getting stranded with your electric scooter in the middle of a road, or be in a critical healthcare emergency. 

Prevention means taking a proactive stance. Here’s how to know the signs that you need a new e-scooter battery:


    • 📌 An equipment or vehicle is slow to turn on and start. In general, it doesn't matter what you are using a battery or a battery bank for. It could be in an electric scooter or it can be hooked up to a mobile ventilator, but if your gadget, device, or equipment is slow to start and does not turn on, then your battery is likely failing. If you're noticing a frequent delay when switching on your battery-powered devices, it's time for a replacement.

    • 📌 Lights are dimmer than normal. A burned out LED may cause the light to dim. But it becomes a battery life issue when all of the lights become dim. Any battery-operated devices, whether it’s a vehicle or a healthcare unit, are the first components to start acting abnormally when the battery life is failing. While lights are the most obvious, there are other low-energy components you need to be aware of, especially those that have mechanical or charging features. Once any of these stop devices stop working or become slow in starting, start shopping for a new battery.

    • 📌 There's that smell of a decomposed or rotten egg. If you start smelling something awful, stop whatever it is you’re doing and thoroughly check your battery. This smell is often caused by a leaking battery. Smell closely to be sure, because a leak may not always be visible. While an internal short circuiting can cause a leak that won't fully prevent the battery from operating, for sure it will eventually lead to a revolting odor. If neglected or not replaced promptly, the e-escooter battery will sooner, and not later, fail. What’s dangerous is that ignoring a leaking battery will run the risk of an explosion that can cause injury to the rider or a bystander.

So, what now? Time to get a new battery. Not later or next month. Do it now. 

MEARTH has a team of professional and well-trained staff and technicians that will be able to give you advice on how to maintain your battery, and help you replace your old, faulty, or dead battery. The situation is an emergency. No time to delay. Mearth offers hot, hot swappable batteries and all are manufactured with 100 percent peak performance and longevity in mind, ensuring their durability and reliability. 

For more information about Mearth's top-performing electric scooters, as well as tips to extend the life of your e-scooter batteries or how to get a new one today, visit www.mearth.com.au