Got to make it NOW! to the 7.7 Frenzy Sale! | Mearth Electric Scooter

Got to make it NOW! to the 7.7 Frenzy Sale!

Got to make it NOW! to the 7.7 Frenzy Sale!


But wait!

You've got time and that is now! Go on ahead and seize the day --The clock is ticking for the 7.7 FRENZY SALE exclusively from Mearth!

Get $1,000 OFF immediately when you buy Mearth CYBER, the futuristic electric scooter ever -- to land in Australia!

But that's not all -- there's a 7 % discount on every purchase of Mearth S, S Pro commuter electric scooters and also on Mearth RS and RS Pro ultimate long-range electric scooters.

The MEARTH S Series - S and S Pro are entry-level commuter electric scooters perfect for those just getting their initial, lively feel of freedom. The Mearth S series has new red wheels for easy distinction and recognition.

Lightweight, foldable and portable, the Mearth S and S Pro are designed to help the beginner gain confidence while riding, feeling their way, and leisurely traveling within city limits. The Mearth S weighs only 12.5 kg, while the S Pro weighs 15 kg.

The top speed of Mearth S is 25 k/h, while for the S Pro it’s 45/h. They have a new brushless motor 8x for more efficiency, yet the same power consumption.

The Mearth S Series has reliable and the safest, best brakes in the market. They have passed the industry’s strict standard testing.

The Mearth S and S Pro have wide LED display so rider can enjoy a clear view display even in broad daylight. The LED display shows the speed, function and gear. You can easily access everything in just a few clicks.


The Mearth RS Series is built with the lightest yet strongest metal and a sleek, stylish finish. Dubbed as the ultimate long-range electric scooters, they offer more range per charge to support riders going longer distances. New red 10-inch wheels are added for easy distinction.

Mearth RS can reach up to 65km of range while the RS Pro can reach up to 100 km and can take on occasional rough terrains and uneven paths. New brushless motor yields 8 percent more efficiency using same power consumption.

There are three riding modes for different environments – easily switch between Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with the press of a button to provide some of the longest ranges among electric scooter brands in Australia. Both come with multiple brakes and an additional foot brake for extra safety due to the high top speeds.

But don't tarry. Clock is ticking, no time to waste! Heed the call of adventure now! Offer good till 17 June 2023 only.