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Fun, Functional and Fashionable Electric Scooters


Now trending: Functional, Fashionable Foldable Mearth Electric Scooters

About town. The buzz is getting louder to ignore. Now trending: MEARTH foldable electric scooter. Here’s why. 

    •  - Fun and invigorating – to ride.
    •  - Functional – no let down, as it’s exactly what you need to take you places, easily, in a jiffy!  
    •  - Fashion statement – you know you’ve got the look that compels bystanders to look at you, head up high wearing cool gear, sweeping past through the traffic maze.  Now, isn’t that what matters?

MEARTH electric scooters are obviously not the run-of-the-mill, commonplace electric scooters you see around. They’re sleek, savvy, and stylish.  They slay -- on the road, on the tracks, off-road, even on tricky terrains. 

Mearth fashionable electric scooters let you seize the day! Wherever you’re going, riding this shiny black electric scooter gives you an enjoyable feeling, and that’s liberating! 

Revel in the exciting moments,  riding around on your own foldable electric scooter for a pleasurable day out in the sunshine and open air. In case you’re not aware of how easy it is to take your foldable electric scooter with you, wherever you want to go, the RS electric scooter makes it so easy and hassle-free for you. It literally takes a single press of a button to fold the scooter -- just press the button and fold it!  

Once it is folded, the fold-up electric scooter is compact and takes up very little storage room. The length of the RS folded scooter is just around one meter and the width is just 32   centimeters.

Boasting the cutting-edge engineering of the lightweight fold-up electric scooter, you’ll experience scooter fun, with no time wasted. 

Talk about a fabulous advantage!  It’s lightweight, thanks to its aero-grade aluminum body. Now, if you’re the kind of person who likes to walk around a lot to check the sights of a place before you use your electric scooter, the ultra-lightweight RS fold-up electric scooter will not weigh you down. 

But wait!  The altogether effortless folding system of the Mearth electric scooter is only part of the awesome story. The security angle of the electric scooter is well-designed -- strong and tough, durable too, so you can easily attach it with a U-lock to any well-built, stationary object if you want to leave it outside, for a short time. 

Then, there’s the aspect of flexibility that can bowl over the rider, you know. You can easily fold and unfold, anywhere – inside the building or on a difficult path. Fold and put under your arm, then walk across, or over the uneven patch of terrain, then unfold it to continue your ride. Easy! And it only takes seconds to do it.

Both the RS and GTS electric scooters from Mearth were designed with great skill and care to make your riding experience quick, smooth, and convenient. 

Adults and today’s younger generation in Australia who made their smart choice applaud this leading-edge electric scooter invention from Mearth. Admiring, no doubt, its state-of-the-art scooter engineering, and technology that is clearly superior and unparalleled.

Now that you know, don’t get caught in a social faux pas. Go for the real, in thing. Go for reliability, speed,  performance, ingenuity, and sophistication -- to the max. Go for the premium.  Be seen and admired for your sensibly savvy choice.  

To find out which Mearth electric scooter to choose that fits your lifestyle, and for that breathtaking ride of your life, click here. For more information about the impressive features of our MEARTH electric scooters, visit our official website.