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Debunking 5 Myths About E-Scooters

Debunking 5 Myths About E-scooters


Indeed! One would never know there are myths that shroud the vibrant presence of electric scooters. Consider this then a mission, to learn and uncover the myths or unfounded perceptions surrounding our beloved e-scooters and the micro-mobile industry and set straight those unfounded, unproven misconceptions with honest-to-goodness, real truths --

Myth #1: E-Scooters only lasts 28 days  


FACT: The sweeping generalizations couldn’t be farther from the truth, as it all depends on the quality of the electric scooter, as well as on the maintenance and repair processes provided by the seller and maker. Referring to rental scooters that were often poorly maintained deteriorated quickly and became unusable. Mearth is confident of its highly professional team of product specialists that are ready to give advice and perform maintenance and necessary repair cycles to your precious electric scooter.  The lifespan of a well-maintained e-scooter can reach at best five years.

Myth #2: E-Scooters are bad news for the environment


FACT: Electric scooters so far, are not a threat to the environment. According to research studies, e-scooters are one of the most sustainable options in terms of energy efficiency in transport. All Mearth electric scooters are top-tier, premium, rugged, high-performing, environment-friendly, and climate-neutral rideables. Mearth is committed to helping contribute to a sustainable environment. The Australian maker of these well-loved and esteemed personal mobility devices continuously tests improves on, innovates, and optimizes its manufacturing processes to ensure that its products yield almost zero emissions and are thus, able to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Myth #3: E-Scooters cannot replace car trips


FACT: Almost at every turn some passerby, bus, or car rider can see an e-scooter rider on his e-scooter calmly zipping past a traffic standstill, all the way through streets (wherever they are allowed to pass) and pathways, swiftly, poised, and focused. 

Nowadays, car rides and bus trips have been frequently replaced or passed over for e-scooter rides especially for short errands, or going either to appointments, meetings, school, or for work. 

Because e-scooters, like the lightweight, compact, foldable, and sturdy commuter e-scooter Mearth S, weighs only 12.5 lbs, and thus, ideal for roll-on, roll-off trips as it can quickly be unfolded for the rider to ride again and connect with other public transport options. 

Because of this, e-scooters are clearly a sustainable alternative in the urban transport mix especially for the last mile journeys. 

Myth #4: E-Scooters are high risks for…accidents waiting to happen


FACT: According to Forbes, e-scooter riders do not face a significantly higher risk of road traffic death or injury more than cyclists. As compared to other means of transport, there no increased risk that can be derived from riding e-scooters. The vast majority of those injured either on (bicycles and or) e-scooters have often resulted from collisions with cars. As e-scooters are fast becoming a more and more popular alternative mode of transport, the cities’ urban infrastructure are called upon to improve systems to better protect riders, including cyclists from preventable vehicular mishaps. Replacing trips by car or motorcycles with an e-scooter can contribute to safer traffic.

Myth #5: E-Scooters are neither energy-efficient nor cost-efficient


FACT: Electric scooters are proven to be both energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Case in point, the Mearth S Pro commuter electric scooter can travel up to 45km/h, or roughly 28 m/h. On the matter of energy efficiency, a recent study revealed that riding an electric scooter can help a person burn calories. The study also bared that people who rode electric scooters for 30 minutes burned an average of 150 to 200 calories, which is about the same amount of calories one would burn by walking at a moderate pace for about 30 minutes. Energy efficiency also redounds to prompt arrival to one’s appointment or work, more time to be proactive and productive, less stress, no more frustration from cramped always delayed bus rides, and the bonus? More time to enjoy some sunshine -Vitamin D, the fresh morning air, and a better appreciation of natural sights, which results in a better mood that lasts throughout the day. 

And now, about being cost-efficient. Electric scooters offer a more affordable travel option as compared to public conveyance and gas-powered vehicles like cars and taxis, considering the unpredictable petrol or gas price hikes. An electric scooter doesn’t need fuel to tank up. Just think of the savings you can get -- not having to queue to gas up, no more monthly maintenance fees, no need for bus tickets, no more taxi fares, and the good part is that you don’t need to fight it out anymore for that last parking slot. 

The e-scooter is one innovative product that you can carry, take along with you even inside a building, at work and just store under the table or desk, in seconds. Don’t forget that their extended purpose also yields a big plus – as the last mile solution which truly help many commuters promptly reach their destination without a cinch, after getting off the bus or train. Just unfold your e-scooter, ride and go.

So, good things come in a-plenty packages. They're undeniable, irrefutable, even. To the ones who are enjoying their newfound liberty, the upside outweighs the so-called downside. So, now that you know, what’s to prevent you from buying that electric scooter of your choice? For more information and the best deals, visit