Catch Mearth Electric Scooters at Marrickville Metro

Catch Mearth Electric Scooters at Marrickville Metro

Catch Mearth Electric Scooters at Marrickville Metro

For the whole month, Mearth electric scooters will be at the newly opened Marrickville Metro located on the ground floor opposite the florist. It’s a small kiosk right in the middle, but you can’t miss it. Visit Marrickville Metro today and get the chance to see the Mearth S Pro, X Pro and GTS MAX in person. 

The Mearth S Pro is a lightweight, foldable electric scooter that features a swappable battery system, reliable disc brakes, and a colour display screen. It’s an impressively convenient electric scooter that can take you anywhere thanks to its multiple batteries. Whether it’s a short or long trip, the Mearth S Pro can get you there. 

Meanwhile, the Mearth X Pro is the brand’s lightest commuter scooter with the biggest display screen among its competitors. Equipped with an improved motor, an upgradeable battery, and a double-braking system, the Mearth X Pro is all you need for your daily commutes.

Finally, catch the Mearth GTS MAX, Mearth’s flagship electric scooter featuring a peak output of 3200W. The GTS MAX is built for power, durability, and speed, allowing it to withstand any terrain and condition that comes its way. This makes the GTS MAX the perfect off-road electric scooter.

Be sure to check out these electric scooters and learn more about them when you visit Marrickville Metro today.

The newly built $142 million Marrickville extension opened on 10 June and is located across the original building at Smidmore Street. It features 40 retailers, more than a dozen eateries, and a Coles supermarket. The extension will be accessible via a street-level walkway and a pedestrian bridge. It also provides an additional 455 parking slots.

Some of the eateries that you will find in the Metro are The Grumpy Italian, St Peters Vietnamese diner Rice Pantry, Japanese fast food Motto Motto, Wagyu-steak joint Firestone, the bakery Kurtosh, C9 Gelat, Lebanese eatery Raman, Sushi Maru, and Coco Fresh Tea & Juice.

Shoppers can also find a currently limited range of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion retailers. Hypmotive, Marrickville Road’s art and design store, also opened its second store in the extension. You can find a selection of clothes, homewares, jewellery, and more from independent artists and makers. The Metro also offers a 24/7 Bodyfit gym, a barber, and a pet-grooming salon. 

To celebrate the opening, the Marrickville Metro is also hosting several activities and workshops such as live music, face painting, junk jewellery workshop, art tours guided by the Inner West Council, and more. Check out their website for the full list of workshops and activities available until 14 June.

In an interview with Broadsheet, Stuart Norman, the development’s project leasing manager, says, “We are essentially taking the convenience element of the typical shopping centre by having everything you could possibly need under the one roof (well two roofs with the existing centre), but still keeping that local connection by working with small businesses.”

Mearth is proud to join these amazing brands for a full month, so catch the Mearth kiosk at Marrickville Metro for the whole month. Mearth also appreciates everyone who joined us during the opening.