Best E-Scooter in Australia | Introducing the Mearth X Pro

Best E-Scooter in Australia | Introducing the Mearth X Pro


The Mearth X Pro is one of our finest scooters with the latest upgrades and cutting edge technology. Featuring our new QLED display screen and external battery; this is our best-performing electric scooter built for performance and comfort. At $849, the Mearth X Pro is a great deal.


  • Range: 45km with the external battery
  • Battery: 376 Wh with the external battery
  • 4 Inch QLED Display: The Largest E-Scooter Display in the world
  • Compliant with state wattage laws
  • 2 Year Free Check Up

This is how it squares up against other electric scooter in the market:

Mearth X Pro Vs  Competitors
YES Free Check Up for 2 years NO
YES The First and Only Largest QLED Display NO
YES Solid, Reliable Tyres NO
YES Sydney Based After Sales Support NO
YES Australian Brand NO



Mearth X Pro is a top tier Australian brand electric scooter, made with only the best materials

  • Lightweight Aero-space Grade Aluminium Frame
  • Solid, Reliable Tyres



One of the best performing electric scooters, featuring:

  • The addition of the External Battery, which boosts the battery capacity of this electric scooter from 188 Wh to 376 Wh. Doubling the amount of battery that it can hold so you can stay longer on the road.
  • This electric scooter has Solid Tyres which is built for the Australian paths and roads. Unliked air tyre which are easily punctured, Solid tyres can withstand rugged environments, making it more reliable
  • 89.6% efficiency motor with a thicker magnetic steel compared to our top competitors producing higher torque, which makes it easier to climb hills



  • Equipped with Front and Rear Suspension to absorb and dampen shock impulses, enabling smooth and comfortable rides
  • Reinforced deck to support long-lasting, stable journeys


Buyer’s Satisfaction

  • Free Shipping in Australia. Fast delivery
  • Risk free return for 30 days.
  • Quality Customer service