Beam’s Purple Portable Electric Scooters Arrive in Canberra

Beam’s Purple Portable Electric Scooters Arrive in Canberra

Canberrans can now rent orange or purple electric scooters to participate in the city’s E-scooter trial program. Beam Mobility launched its e-scooter service with a distinct colour of their own,  a few weeks after Neuron Mobility started. 

“[Neuron launching first] shows that there is appetite and there’s been a big uptake and it’s shown how Canberrans have embraced e-scooters as a form of transport,” said Khoa Pham, Beam’s Australian general manager.

Beam’s 750 purple portable electric scooters are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Currently, 150 of them are available in operation and 250 are expected to arrive in the coming days. Beam will ramp up its fleet to the maximum of 750 depending on the usage. 

The portable electric scooters can be used in the inner north, inner south, and Belconnen. 

Beam is using geofencing technology to ensure that the purple electric scooters are used in designated areas. If it’s parked in an illegal area instead of the designated docking stations, the company receives an alert and the rider incurs a fee. The scooter will then be moved. To prevent accidents, 15 km/h speed limit is enforced in high-footfall areas such as City Walk. 

The purple electric scooters have some catching up to do with their orange competitors. Since Neuron Mobility started on September 19, 31,000 trips have been made through the e-scooter service. The company’s app has been downloaded by more than 18,000 Canberrans.

Still, Mr. Pham believes there is enough room for two e-scooter service operators in Canberra.