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'Aye or 'Nay -- for Electric Scooters in 2023


Perhaps you have followed and read many of our blogs and as such, are aware of the features of these best loved and popular electric scooters from Mearth Technologies. The company has been consistently contributing to the care of the environment, in particular the reduction in pollution that is causing so many health problems to people who live in highly populated cities. Electric scooters have helped many commuters save on fuel, and so much more. 

Today, we are going to talk about one of the very much in demand personal mobility devices among professionals and the younger crowd. Moreover, tourists in many places who want to enjoy their holiday also clamor for these two wheels vehicle -- the electric scooter. 

Do not forget that an electric scooter is not a toy. It is a means of transport but, with a lot of fun. There are some models that are capable of reaching speeds beyond 60 kp/h. Even if they comply with the state’s traffic and road regulations, and only travel at the allowable speed of 25 kp/h, potential accidents can occur, and can cause harm to the driver, the bystander or pedestrian, incoming vehicles or all.


Here are the perceived disadvantages of the electric scooter:

🔴 Low speed: This disadvantage is not common to all electric scooters. However, it should be noted that in some models, the electric bike has smaller wheels than a traditional motorcycle which can affect its cruising speed.

🔴 Charging time: Charging the battery of an electric scooter takes more time than refuelling for a scooter with a combustion engine. It is not a common disadvantage to all electric bikes, but in some cases and models, the battery of an electric scooter can be discharged more quickly at low temperatures.

🔴 Recharging points: the extension of the network of charging points for electric motorcycles is a pending issue that many countries still have, including many contries around the world. However, with a large battery capacity in EMOVE Cruiser, you can travel up to 62 miles on a single charge.

🔴 Laws: In Australia, different state have either given an assent, allowing electric scooters to be ridden in specific places and areas, namely -- 


Next, let’s see the advantages of the electric scooter:

🔴 Lightweight and portable rideable: Mearth S is an entry-level commuter electric scooter that weighs only 12.5 kg. Perfect for the one just starting out to learn to ride. Fold it in seconds and carry it easily when you need to climb the stairs, inside the building or bring it anywhere, even when you ride a bus. Unfold it later as you get off the bus, and ride away to reach your last mile journey.  

🔴 Storage space: Mearth long-range RS Series electric scooters are compact, portable and foldable and can therefore be tucked even in a small area, at home or under the desk inside the office, or in a small space inside the car’s trunk. 

🔴 Fuel savings: It cannot be emphasized enough – there is no need to gas up if you opt to ride an electric scooter. The electric scooter is runs on a fully charged battery. And a fully charged battery installed in your electric scooter will take you to your destination swiftly, smoothly. If you want to go further, having an extra hot, swappable battery that’s also fully charged can extend your travel goals in the suburbs or another city without getting stranded. Ergo, you get to enjoy longer trips and get considerable savings by not using fuel or petrol.

🔴 Freedom: Get from Point A to Point B fast. No more anxiously waiting for the bus that’s always late to arrive, or waiting uncertainly for a taxi. Simply unfold your Mearth S Pro electric scooter and you are ready to do your errands or go to meetings for the day.

🔴 Environment-friendly transport device: Every time you, as a rider use an electric scooter, you are contributing your bit to zero emission of air pollutants that cause harm to your health in everyone’s daily lives.

🔴 Lower maintenance cost: The cost of maintaining your electric scooter is almost nil, or insignificant, Unlike petrol-powered vehicles that needs periodical or scheduled maintenance such as oil changes, filters, etc. They cost a lot when it comes down to fees, labor and parts. 

🔴 Low acoustic impact: Since noise pollution is one of the acute problems of modern urban society, you need to seriously consider that street noise reduces the productivity of people working within a toxic environment about 30 percent to 40 percent. The constant, strident noise grudgingly endured by the motorcyclist affects his concentration on the road over time, including their levels of stress, agitation, and aggression. The electric scooter almost runs to a purr, and the noise level almost nil.

Overall the e-scooter is a clean, fast and responsive way to get around the city. There are many proven advantages offered by this speedy, light mode of transport passing through large cities. Evidently, the plus factors make more and more people prefer and desire to opt to ride the electric scooter.Like what we told readers before, the electric scooter is here for the long haul.

Mearth Technologies is the maker of the Australian-designed, popular and well-loved Mearth top tier, superior quality, the best in-its-class, high performing electric scooters. To know more about Mearth 2023 upgrade models – the S Series, RS Series, and the GTS MAX EVO 2023, log on to www.mearth.com.au)