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6 Reasons you should buy MEARTH electric scooter


6 Reasons you should buy MEARTH e-scooter

It’s the start of the workweek and you’re getting restless at the bus stop, as traffic’s hardly moving and for sure you’re going to be late again. A very familiar scene? Suddenly, right before your very eyes, some dashing guy swooshes by, riding a fast electric scooter, looking all dapper and cool. He is overtaking vehicles stuck in this snail-paced traffic.

The sense of urgency really hits you hard. If you’ve been missing out on a well-deserved comfort and convenience far too long. Time to get your very own electric scooter. As you resolve to get an affordable electric scooter for yourself before the day ends, commonsense and practicality motivate you to seriously go for it. After all, it’s definitely far cheaper than getting a car that can get you stuck in traffic for ages, anyway.

Choosing the best electric scooter is not hard, as you may wonder when all that you need is reliable, easy to navigate, affordable devices like the Mearth RS and GTS electric scooters. Certified Australian Made, for Australians.

And here are the top six reasons:

Easy to set up

Your newly purchased Mearth RS electric scooter is so easy to assemble. After unboxing, just read and follow the manual, and you’ll feel like a McGyver proud of setting up your very own electric scooter. No need to gas up, too, because the electric scooter runs on batteries, so it’s a savings upfront.

Less effort

Easy to maneuver and navigate even on roads full of traffic, so it’s no sweat As it’s powered with a Lithium-ion battery, it can take you 40 miles on just one charge, so you will need less effort to travel where you want to go.

Time-saving and convenient

A 10-minute drive can spell the difference in arriving on time, especially during rush hour. With your reliable electric scooter, you can cut down on your commute time since you’re no longer at the mercy of heavy traffic.

It’s goodbye to parking fees

No need for parking space hunting. Compact and highly portable, you can fold and carry it inside wherever you go -- either tuck the device away in a small corner or under your desk. Later, you can just pull it out, unfold it, and you’re good to go!

Built-in comfort and safety features

The e-scooter can comfortably carry an average-sized person without causing strain on their posture, with safety features like manual acceleration control, rear brake, and brake light.

Compared with other personal modes of transport, such as bikes, roller skates, skateboards, or hoverboards, the e-scooter is a safer option. You can simply step off if you see a possible or imminent collision occurring, as you have immediate access to the brakes.

Mearth has different top-performing models to choose from, and they’re all reasonably priced.


Since it does not run on fuel, there are no smoke emissions, and it contributes less to pollution.

 A happy conclusion that will firmly convince you to buy your very own battery-powered scooter is that after considering the benefits, it is fun to ride. You can go down the hill and up, without the need for any physical assistance, or even access, to hard-to-reach places inaccessible to big vehicles. 

MEARTH even has the best electric scooters that are off-road capable, allowing the rider to travel down off-road paths and explore new areas, free as a breeze.