5 Things to Look for in a Long-range Electric Scooter

5 Things to Look for in a Long-range Electric Scooter


Most commuter adult electric scooters provide riders with a good balance of performance, portability, and price. However, these types of e-scooters, especially budget-friendly models, only cover short distances of up to 20-25 km. The actual range is shorter due to different factors affecting range, making average commuter e-scooters only ideal for those who need a first and last-mile solution.

If you need to go farther distances in a day or prefer to charge your e-scooter fewer times in a week, choosing a long-range electric scooter is a more convenient option. If you are in the market for long-range e-scooters, this quick guide lists down things to look for to buy the best electric scooter for long ranges. So, before you buy an electric scooter online, consider the following factors.

Why Should You Get a Long-range Electric Scooter?

Long-range scooters offer plenty of benefits. For one, choose a long-range scooter if you plan on travelling over 25 km daily or weekly with an electric scooter. Moreover, riding this type of electric scooter ensures that you don’t run out of battery in the middle of your trip.

For example, the Mearth RS Series covers a maximum distance of up to 65 km for the Mearth RS and 100 km for the Mearth RS Pro in a single charge. These distances cover more than enough range in a day or week. Moreover, it ensures that you get the most from your e-scooter whenever you need it.

Other perks of long-range electric scooters include fewer charging times and getting a durable and performance-driven electric scooter. Overall, long-range e-scooters allow you to maximise e-scooters, as they offer better specs, quality, and reliability than average e-scooters.

5 Things to Look for in a Long-range Electric Scooter

1. Range

Start by looking at how much range a long-range e-scooter can travel. Different brands and models offer different ranges. Long-range e-scooters offer over 40 km (25 miles) of range. Meanwhile, some models reach up to 100 km (62 miles).

When choosing the maximum range of an e-scooter, always select a higher range than what you need. Remember that real-world conditions prevent riders from reaching the maximum range of e-scooters. Factors like rider weight, riding style, terrain, and more reduce the maximum range that you can travel.

That’s why it is recommended to buy a long-range electric scooter with a higher max range than what you need. If you need to go 45 km in a day or week, get an e-scooter that can travel for a max range of over 60 km. You get the most from your e-scooter range in this way. 

Learn more ways to get the most range with your electric scooter.

2. Large Electric Scooter Battery

The electric scooter battery plays a major role when it comes to range. After all, the battery provides the power source for all the components of your e-scooter. Without an efficient and large electric scooter battery, your long-range electric scooter can only go so far.

When choosing long-range scooters, check the battery size. A larger battery means that it has more juice to bring you farther. It also provides a fast long range electric scooter. Plus, choosing an e-scooter with efficient battery technology allows you to care for your battery and maximise it to the fullest.

For example, the Mearth RS Series features a concentrated and highly-efficient battery with six intelligent protection technologies. These include short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double overcharge protection, double over-discharge protection, temperature anomaly protection, and under-voltage automatic sleep.

Ultimately, choose a large battery with a safe and efficient battery system to get the most distance from your long-range electric scooter. Read how to get more mileage from your electric scooter battery.

3. Durable Tyres

Running long distances will inevitably wear out your electric scooter tyres. That’s why you need to look for a long-range electric scooter that uses durable tyres that can withstand most terrains. Non-slip and wear-resistant pneumatic tyres offer the best type of tyres for long rides.

Pneumatic tyres are air-filled tyres that commonly use rubber material. Most long-range and high-performance e-scooter use pneumatic tyres as they don’t wear out easily. Plus, it absorbs shocks from rough terrains, making rides feel smoother and more comfortable for riders.

Although these types of tyres are prone to punctures, many e-scooter models use puncture-resistant tyres for extra durability. Overall, choose reliable and wear-resistant tyres for comfortable and hassle-free rides.

4. Sturdy Frame and Body

Another aspect to consider when buying a long-range scooter is the durability of its frame and body. Similar to having durable tyres, the body of your e-scooter should withstand most terrains.

Fortunately, most long-range electric scooters are meant for off-roading. So, they feature high-quality and sturdy materials meant for rough terrains. One downside to these kinds of e-scooters is that they are bulky, making them inconvenient to use for daily rides.

However, some long-range e-scooter models, like the Mearth RS Series, feature a slim and minimalist design. Although they are heavier than average commuter e-scooters, they still offer better portability than off-road e-scooters. Before buying an e-scooter, check the material used for the frame and body. Moreover, try to schedule a test drive to check its sturdiness.

5. Weight

Lastly, check the e-scooter’s weight and maximum load capacity. Most long-range electric scooters offer around 100 kg of maximum weight capacity. This is important to consider as weight directly affects the maximum range of an e-scooter.

Note that an e-scooter pulls your weight (plus the load you carry) and the e-scooter’s weight. If your rider weight is near or over the load capacity, the e-scooter works twice as hard to move the e-scooter forward. This means more power and battery energy consumed, which leads to less range.

So, if you want to get the most from your long-range scooter, consider getting a unit with a heavier load capacity. Otherwise, make sure you don’t overload and overwork your e-scooter. Learn more about how weight affects your range.

Consider the factors listed above to find the right long-range electric scooter for your needs. Ultimately, the best e-scooter for you is one that solves your concerns and makes travelling more convenient. Learn more electric scooter guides, tips, and news at Mearth’s blogs.