How to Get the Most Range for Your Electric Scooter

How to Get the Most Range for Your Electric Scooter

How to Get the Most Range for Your Electric Scooter

When looking for an electric scooter, one of the key specs that riders check is the range of the electric scooter. After all, the length of your commute will depend on your e-scooter’s range. However, how long does an electric scooter last on the road? Most commuter scooters have an average maximum range of 25 km, which is enough for short trips or first and last-mile trips.

Unfortunately, most electric scooters don’t reach the maximum range as advertised due to several factors, such as terrain, speed, and terrain. However, getting the most range for your electric scooter is not impossible. Here are a few simple ways that you can do to increase your electric scooter range.

Ride at slow and steady speeds

Speed is one of the major factors affecting your electric scooter range. Riding at high speeds continuously or accelerating often will require more power, which quickly depletes your battery. As a result, your electric scooter range will shorten quickly.

To resolve this, ride at lower speeds and avoid accelerating often. Moreover, use your electric scooter’s lowest speed mode to get the most range for your electric scooter. After all, most e-scooter test rides use the lowest speed mode when measuring the e-scooter’s maximum range. This way, you get closer to the maximum speed of the electric scooter. 

Reduce the electric scooter’s load

The more weight that your electric scooter needs to carry, the more power it needs to exert to carry you. As a result, this depletes your battery. So, you need to remove excess items such as your bag. If you still don’t own an electric scooter, it’s a good idea to purchase an electric scooter that has at least 10 kg more of your current weight. 

Maintain the correct tyre pressure

If you are riding pneumatic or air-filled tyres, it’s important to check and maintain your electric scooter’s tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is the amount of air inside the tyre. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help distribute the scooter’s weight evenly, making the tyre and scooter stable and easy to maneuver. 

When it comes to the range, an under-inflated tyre will have more friction with the surface resulting in more power exerted by the scooter. As a result, it also affects the maximum range. Check your electric scooter’s recommended tyre pressure to know the right tyre pressure for your scooter.

Avoid draining and overcharging the battery

Batteries decrease in capacity over time. However, draining and overcharging can decrease its capacity quicker. This may not extend your range, but it can prevent your battery from wearing out faster. 

To avoid this, always charge your electric scooter after every ride or when there’s at least 25% left of the battery. Even when you don’t use it often, make sure that it’s still charged. If you won’t be using it for a long while, charge it once every 2-3 months. 

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Add an external battery

Another way to add more range to your electric scooter is by adding an external battery. If your electric scooter allows you to upgrade with an external battery, don’t hesitate to grab that version and get more range for your electric scooter.

For example, the Mearth X Pro becomes a long range electric scooter because of its external battery upgrade. From 25 km, the Mearth X Pro can travel up to 45 km with an external battery. If the range is a major factor for you when choosing an electric scooter, then look for e-scooter models that have upgradeable batteries like the Mearth X Pro or switchable batteries like the Mearth S and S Pro.

Avoid climbing hills

Climbing hills is another battery-drainer for most commuter electric scooters. If your electric scooter is not made for climbing or has low gradeability (e.g. 15% and below), then your electric scooter will exert more effort to climb an incline. During the climb, your electric scooter will slow down, and it could be uncomfortable for you as well. 

If possible, take another route that goes around the slope. Making an electric scooter climb near or above its limit will not only drain its battery but could also damage some of its parts.

Don’t ride or store an electric scooter under harsh temperatures

Certain temperatures can affect your electric scooter’s battery. Riding or storing your electric scooter in very hot or very cold temperatures can decrease the battery’s capacity and lifespan. The ideal temperature for electric scooter batteries is usually from 20℃ to 30℃, which is also a comfortable temperature for most people. So, make sure not to put your electric scooter inside the boot of a car during hot weather or leave it outside in direct sunlight for long hours.

Clean the electric scooter

This seems too simple or obvious for some riders, but a dirty electric scooter could cause the speed to slow down and prevent your electric scooter from reaching its maximum range. For example, tyres could catch a lot of dust, grass, leaves, and other dirt from the road, which could affect the e-scooter’s performance. Making sure that your electric scooter is clean will not only maximise your range but also keep your scooter in good condition.

Save power

Finally, make it a habit to turn off your electric scooter even if you only need to leave it for a short while. Save as much power as needed to maximise your battery. Make sure that no other functions or features are turned on if you don’t need them, like the lights or Bluetooth feature. This way, your battery can only focus on running your electric scooter.

Although many electric scooters are very capable and durable, riders should still care for their scooter to maximise their range and maintain their electric scooter. Keep the following tips in mind to get the most of your electric scooter. If you want an estimate of the real maximum range of your electric scooter, there are electric scooter range calculators available online. Use them to have an idea of how far your electric scooter could go.