WA to Implement New Rules for E-rideables Before Christmas

WA to Implement New Rules for E-rideables Before Christmas


Electric personal mobility devices, like electric scooters, are one of the most popular gift choices during the holidays. However, before you
buy an electric scooter online this coming Christmas, take note of the new e-ride and electric scooter laws in WA, which will start on December 4.

The WA government announced changes to the current law’s speed limits and safety features for e-rideables to align the state with ACT, QLD, and New Zealand. 

The new law applies to e-rideables, which are defined as small electric transport devices with:

  • at least one wheel
  • less than these dimensions: 125cm (l) x 70cm (w) 135cm (h)
  • maximum weight of 25 kg and a top speed of 25 km/h

E-rideables include electric scooters for adults, electric skateboards, hoverboards, self-balancing wheels, electric unicycles, electric skates, and other electric mobility devices that fit the required dimensions.

On the other hand, the new law does not apply to electric bikes, Segways, motorised wheelchairs, and motorised scooters with a max output of 200W as these devices are regulated under the Road Traffic Code 2000. Moreover, the law does not apply to wheeled recreational devices, such as push scooters, push skateboards, and other non-powered recreational devices.

New rules

The new law allows riders of at least 16 years of age to ride electric-powered devices up to 25 km/h. Meanwhile, riders under 16 can only use motorised scooters with a top speed of 10 km/h or a max power of 200W.

E-rideables can be ridden up to 10 km/h on footpaths and up to 25 km/h on shared paths, bicycle paths, and local roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h. On the other hand, e-rideables can’t be ridden on a carriageway with a dividing line, a carriageway with a speed limit of over 50 km/h, and a one-way carriageway with more than one marked lane.

Aside from these, riders must wear an approved helmet and must equip its e-rideable with a bell or warning device. Lights and reflectors are also required when riding at night. Moreover, car road rules apply, including not riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs and no using of mobile phones while riding.

Learn more about the electric scooter laws in WA.

Hefty fines

Riders who break the rules will receive hefty fines. Riders exceeding the speed limit for footpaths (10 km/h) will be fined $100. Meanwhile, speeding on local roads ranges from $100 to $1200.

Riders caught without enough lighting on their e-rideable will receive a $100 penalty. Meanwhile, riders will receive a $50 fine if caught riding with no hands on the handlebar, no helmet, and not giving way to pedestrians.

Those who are caught using mobile phones while riding receive the heaviest fine of $1000. This includes texting, viewing an image, and watching a video while riding.

According to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti, the new law will help e-scooter rental companies launch in WA. 

“As a result of not having the clear guidelines or rules, a number of businesses weren’t able to be set up or they had to work to have specific rules under specific councils, but now this gives a framework to allow those sort of operations across the State,” she said in a report.

A growing interest in shared micro-mobility

More states and cities across Australia are also planning to enable more e-rideables, like electric scooters, in public spaces. 

The city of Stirling will conduct a study on enabling a network of shared e-scooter and bicycle facilities in the city to promote tourism. It aims to use a short-term rental system where riders can rent units via mobile phone app. Riders can also pick up and drop off e-scooters or e-bikes anywhere, as with other shared e-scooter platforms in other cities. 

Meanwhile, Victoria is set to conduct an e-scooter trial in Melbourne, Yarra, Port Phillip, and Ballarat starting this spring. The 12-month e-scooter trial only includes rideables from approved shared e-scooter operators. However, the shared e-scooters in Victoria will allow units with a higher speed and motor power, unlike other states.

Where to buy e-rideables in WA

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Before buying an electric scooter, always check the electric scooter laws by state to ensure that private electric scooters are allowed in public and that you buy an approved device.

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