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Scouring for the Best E-Scooter? 10 Tips to Help

Scouring for the Best E-Scooter? 10 Tips to Help

It’s getting to be a perennial question. “How do I know that this one is the best electric scooter out there?”

Well, the answer isn’t just one thing, it’s a few things.

With so many electric scooters available in the market today, it can be overwhelming.

Before you look for the best electric scooter, you have to first make sure to look for the one that’s best for you. You know, that one that would fit your own needs. If you know and have determined what you would need your electric scooter for, meaning the purpose for getting one, you would save time and energy, and research would be supplemental.

Be attentive and cautious so that the money you shell out will not go to a wrong or flawed investment.

So there, remember, to truly enjoy an electric scooter, or any electric ride at all, it has to serve a purpose.

Are you going to use it for leisure and long-range trip? For daily commute? For work? Are you looking for an electric scooter for teens?

You see, not all electric scooters are built the same. It depends on many factors.

Here’s how to find the best one for your needs.

Let these practical tips guide you on your buying decision, and also lead you to the one that fits your lifestyle.

1. Safety first! As with any kind of vehicle, safety should be your top priority when buying an electric scooter. Buy only the brand that use quality materials for their units. Go for electric scooters that have components like lighting, suspension air tyres, and a comprehensive braking system. Australia’s best-loved and popular electric scooter manufacturer like Mearth installed additional safety features to ensure a safe ride.

2. Be mindful and wary whenever you ride. Safety features are there, but bear in mind that no matter how much safety features an electric scooter has, when the rider is reckless, it spells danger ahead.

3. Know what kind of riding you will do. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter to use for commuting or city riding, you wouldn’t need that much power. An electric scooter with 200W-500W is fine. However keep in mind the allowable speed in your state. If you are planning to use an e-scooter to go off roads, Mearth GTS Max Evo is a powerful single motor electric scooter with up to 1000W or more. That should lead you to a satisfying discovery, off the beaten track.

4. You need to be familiar with the suitable dimensions and weight capacity. Your weight will determine which electric scooter is right for you. One thing that affects an electric scooter’s performance and motor power is its weight load. If the electric scooter carries a load that is beyond its capacity, it might not be able to give its maximum performance, and more importantly, it isn’t safe.

5. Choosing the right size is half the battle when you buy an electric scooter. Knowing what electric scooter size to get that would be just right for you is crucial.

For example, the best electric scooter for you would have a handlebar height that’s comfortable, and wouldn’t put too much pressure on your arms. Mearth e-scooters for sale in Australia come with adjustable handlebars so you can match its height with yours.

6. Another thing: you should also be aware of the electric scooter’s foot deck. A wide deck is perfect for those with bigger feet. A wide deck is also suitable if you want to go off-road, as you would need room for your feet to be comfortable to move about on the deck.

7. Know for sure the e-scooter’s range and top speed. Just like knowing its purpose, you, as a rider also need to be aware of the electric scooter’s total range and top speed to be able to use it to the fullest.

8. Ride smarter. Your riding style may affect the scooter’s range, so it’s really important to ensure that you will have a smooth ride. Maneuver carefully on more challenging slopes.

9. Regarding top speed, opt to buy an electric scooter that will be able to zoom you away from wearisome traffic jams, and/or can easily take you uphill and rocky paths.

10. Lastly, knowing the e-scooter’s top speed isn’t only for those two purposes—it’s also to know for if your scooter would be legal to use on the streets. If you live in an Australian territory where electric scooters are capped at 25km/h, then a 50km/h (or more) e-scooter could be used off-roads or at any private property.

Knowing what to look for helps to put your mind at ease, and the hunt for the most suitable riding companion would then be a cinch. All the best!