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Mearth 7.7 Sale! Fiscal Frenzy Sale

It’s happening again! Yes, Yes, YES! It's the Mearth 7.7 Electric Scooter Sale!!!

And it’s on from JULY 7 TO 17TH only.

Take advantage of this exclusive, special deal!

Get up to $500 OFF from your purchase of MEARTH CYBER, the powerful, futuristic electric scooter.

Truly advanced. Powerful, heavy-duty, hardwearing, robust and tough. It’s got off-road capability, all-terrain capability, and an advanced built-in program for an enhanced riding experience.

Mearth CYBER's advanced programming is ingeniously built into this dynamic personal mobility device that enables the machine to monitor both the power output from each wheel and from the torque (turning force) which changes every milli-second, to anticipate, gauge and set the power output to the best torque setting for the rider to experience and enjoy the best ride, each time.

Intelligent and responsive, it is like having an A.I. that’s ready to act upon your every impulse and command. From speed to reach and range and scale (slope), Nothing compares. Virtually unmatched.

But -- just you wait ‘cause there’s more!

Up to 7% OFF – on ALL Mearth Electric Scooters!

And that includes these all-premium, top-performing, superior quality, best-loved electric scooters:

 Mearth S, entry-level commuter e-scooters

Mearth RS, the ultimate long-range e-scooters

• Mearth GTS Evo and GTS Max Evo heavy-duty, on-and-off-terrain e-scooters


Lightweight, the Mearth S entry-level commuter e-scooter weighs only 12.5 kg. It is foldable, compact and portable. So you can carry it anywhere you go. The Mearth S commuter electric scooter is designed to help the beginner gain confidence. Riding the S electric scooter, e-scooter enthusiasts can feel their way, leisurely traveling within city limits. The hardworking, efficient Mearth S e-scooters are perfectly designed with the rider’s safety and practicality in mind.


Built with the lightest yet strongest metal with a sleek, stylish finish, the Mearth RS ultimate long-range electric scooter offers more range per charge to support riders going longer distances. Weighing 23kg, the Mearth RS uses performance-driven motors and large battery capacities, allowing its riders to take on longer ranges and different terrain. The RS can reach up to 65 km of range and can take on occasional rough roads and uneven paths.


The Mearth GTS Evo is equipped with dual disc brakes for extra safety due to its high top speeds. Going off-road, the GTS Evo is a single motor, on-and-off-terrain champ that can reach a range of up to 70 km and speeds up to 45kph — on a single charge. Just awesome! Indeed, the Mearth GTS Evo lays claim to being called on-and-off-terrain champ, providing the most power and performance over the competition.


Now, we got you really excited! And since you’ve been really, really waiting for your very own Mearth electricMearth scooter, YOU can get it – and whichever one you choose is

But hurry, hurry, hurry! An offer as good as this won’t last long in stock! Or, till July 17th only.