Flash Sale: Mearth RS Bundle | Mearth Electric Scooter

Flash Sale: Mearth RS Bundle

Bundle Rumble on Mearth RS Great Deals


Pay only $2,048 when you buy MEARTH RS, the Ultimate Long-range Electric Scooter.

Enjoy BIG Savings too, because you get 2 extra batteries!

That's a whopping $ 249 OFF!

This one-time bundle offer is exclusive for those in Southern Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania & Victoria only, and for a limited time only.  


What is Mearth RS?

Powerful, unrivalled. The MEARTH long-range portable electric scooter is considered the ultimate in its category. Its built with the lightest, strongest metal for a sleek, stylish finish. Guaranteed to indulge your yen for freedom beyond the trails. Desiring to ride out into open spaces? You can safely exceed the 40km limit.  

How the RS long-range differs from other brands on the market today is in the motor, range, battery capacity, and price. All these give riders the flexibility to choose MEARTH’s RS for exceptional performance at a price that fits the rider’s lifestyle.

Durability and stability on the road. The MEARTH RS electric scooter weighs 23 kg and it lets you ride at a top speed of 40 km/h (capped at 25 km/h as per Australian e-scooter law), and offers a max load of 100 kg. It can take on different terrains, such as flat roads, cement, mud, gravel, and uneven paths, and can also ride hills with a climbing angle of up to 25 degrees.

The MEARTH RS has multiple braking systems for extra safety on the road, like front and rear disc brakes, a rear foot brake, an anti-lock electric brake, and a double handgrip brake.

There’s more to love about MEARTH RS ultimate long-range electric scooter. Its wide, non-slip grip texture deck (18.3cms provide the rider with a more stable and comfortable riding position), buzzers and bells to warn oncoming pedestrians and vehicles, and tough magnesium alloy. 

Take a look at the impressive specs of MEARTH RS:

  • ➡️ COLOR         -   Black
  • ➡️ MOTOR         -   850W
  • ➡️ BATTERY      -   500W Motor, 36V (Max 850W output)


POWER MANAGEMENT -   6 intelligent protection mechanisms, including: short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly and under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection.

  • ➡️ RANGE         -   65km
  • ➡️ MAX SPEED   -   25km/h (in line with Australian public safety regulations), up to 40km/h (on private property)
  • ➡️ CHARGING TIME  -   8-9 hours
  • ➡️ LIGHTS         -   LED high-brightness front light, rear LED light
  • ➡️ DISPLAY      -   HD LED
  • ➡️ BRAKES         -    Efficient dual disc brakes
  • ➡️ LIGHTS         -   LED High-brightness front light and rear LED taillight
  • ➡️ WEIGHT         -    23KG
  • ➡️ MAX LOAD      -   100KG
  • ➡️ DIMENSIONS   -   Open 111cm x 50cm x 123cm; Folded 111 x 599 x 540cm
  • ➡️ CONSTRUCTION   -   Magnesium Alloy
  • ➡️ TIRES         -   10" explosion-proof non-slip rubber tires
  • ➡️ INCLINE         -   25 degree grade ability
  • ➡️ WATER         -   Water resistant (IPX4)


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This exclusive promo is valid from March 13 - 17, 2023 only.