Flash Sale! $150 0ff on MEARTH CYBER and GTS MAX EVO

Flash Sale! $150 0ff on MEARTH CYBER and GTS MAX EVO


$150 OFF!!! You read it right!

From March 13 to 17, 2023 only.

Exclusive for residents of South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Victoria.

How to avail:

Buy a MEARTH GTS MAX or MEARTH CYBER and you're entitled to a $150 discount.

To avail, just enter the code in your region -

  • SA150 for South Australia Residents only
  • ACT150 for Australian Capital Territory Residents only
  • TAS150 for Tasmania Residents only
  • VIC150 for Victoria Residents onlY

Is there a nature explorer within you?

Then, you’ll love to own the Mearth GTS MAX EVO 2023 Edition on-and-off-terrain, dual motor, heavy duty electric scooter! Now, $150. less.

You'll defnitely be excited to learn about Mearth GTS MAX EVO 2023 off-road champion powerful and outstanding features and specs:

On and on, electric scooter enthusiasts rave about the sleek, tough, bold, fearless, and dominant GTS MAX EVO 2023 dual-motor on-and-off-the-road champion.

It’s incomparable -- through and through. Here’s why:

GTS Max EVO 2023 from Mearth is rightfully lauded as on-and-off-road champions as they provide the most power and performance among equally tough, heavy-duty electric scooters in its range in the market.

From the grip to the footing, to the controls and suspension all’s rock-steady and firm. Mearth GTS MAX EVO's spacious deck and intuitive design make it comfortable for big men to stand well and balance themselves while riding. Go ahead! Feel the rumble and none of the polluting emissions.

GTS MAX EVO 2023 has performance-driven motors and large battery capacities, allowing its riders to take on longer ranges and different terrains. The rider is guaranteed uncompromising, superior quality, every time. Ultimately, Mearth aims to redefine future of transportation by offering well-designed, green, and affordable electric scooters in Australia, today.

Mearth's GTS MAX EVO 2023 is definitely the total package. It’s the topmost on-and-off-road dual-motor heavy-duty electric scooter that provides riders with the durability and power needed to ride unrestricted through rocky terrains, steep hills, and even on rough, rugged paths.

Are you into things that are techie and uniquely powerful?

MEARTH CYBER, The Futuristic E-Scooter is for you. The high-tech, e-scooter of the future you've dreamt about is now a reality and it's just right in your alley! ‘Smart’, intelligent and capable of providing the best riding experience based on the given situations it is in.

It’s like having an A.I. inside the MEARTH CYBER where its advanced program built into it gives MEARTH CYBER the ability to monitor both the power output from each wheel and the torque (turning force) which changes every milli-second, as it finally sets the program to the best torque setting for you to experience the best ride. Riding the MEARTH CYBER will put you in the lead, ahead of the pack.

You'll be speechless upon seeing MEARTH CYBER's unparalleled features:

Built with a rated 3200W brushless HUB Dual Motor with a peak power of 4000W

Built-in Sine-wave controllers, the most technologically advanced controllers available to power an electric scooter as it connects all the electrical parts of the e-scooter together

Enhanced and protected with a sophisticated fail-safe Anti-Theft System that allows you to set-up a password for your powerful e-scooter so that it would only start at your command -- thwarts attempts by thieves

Built-in front and rear suspensions, making the Mearth Cyber robust and sturdy

Built-in battery that’s 60V 26Ah with a 4A Fast Charge Technology. How fast? Get 30-80 percent in just 1 hour (when you use 2 chargers at the same time) or 2 hours with a single charger...and there's more!

But wait! This exclusive offer from Mearth is from March 13 to 17, 2023 only. So push ahead with your plans to own a Mearth GTS MAX EVO 2023 or MEARTH CYBER, and start making plans to push the boundaries on your travel adventures, up and down, even go to roads less travelled and savor the precious feel of freedom!

Note: Promo is not valid in conjunction with any other promos and discounts.
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