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How to Use Electric Scooter Brakes Effectively

How to Use Electric Scooter Brakes Effectively

One of the most important components of an electric scooter is the brakes. Since most e-scooters can ride at high speeds, it’s important to have reliable electric scooter brakes to help you stop at crucial moments and keep you safe from accidents. However, what is the proper way to use e-scooter brakes? Here’s a quick guide on how to use electric scooter brakes effectively and safely.

Different types of brakes

Before going into the guide, riders should know the different electric scooter brakes on their e-scooter and how it functions. Here are the different types of e-scooter brakes that you should know.

1. Disc brake

Disc brakes are the most common electric scooter brakes used on e-scooters. In fact, all Mearth electric scooters use disc brakes due to their reliable and strong braking power. Normally, disc brakes are activated by pulling a hand lever in your controls.

2. Foot brake

An electric scooter foot brake, also called a rear brake, is a hinged fender or mechanism on your rear wheel. Riders simply need to step on it to slow down or come to a full stop. These are quick and easy to use, so they are often used for decelerating or sudden stops. Just keep in mind that using it often can wear or tear your electric scooter tyres.

3. Drum brake

Drum brakes are found inside the wheel and are often controlled using a hand lever. They offer the same effectiveness as electric brakes, making them a common type of brake in e-scooters. However, one downside to using them is that you would need to disassemble the entire wheel to fix them.

4. Electronic brake

An electronic brake uses a switch, push button, or lever to help you stop or slow down. It’s the most convenient to use since riders only need to activate it from the e-scooter dashboard. However, it often has poor braking performance. 

5. Regenerative brake

More electric scooters are using regenerative brakes because of their battery-saving benefits. It takes the kinetic energy when decelerating and turns it into stored energy. This means riders save more on battery power when they decelerate or stop. As a result, you also get the most range for your electric scooter

Which brake is safest to use in a scooter? Disc brakes are often regarded as the safest electric scooter brake. However, getting an electric scooter that offers multiple braking systems, like the Mearth RS Series, offers the best possible protection and safety for your rides. 

How to use electric scooter brakes effectively

Keep the following tips in mind to use electric scooter brakes effectively and safely.

1. Practice good riding posture

Having good posture will make it easier, safer, and more comfortable to ride an e-scooter. Make sure to stand up straight and balance yourself on the e-scooter. Place one foot behind to help you balance on the deck. It will also help you reach the foot brake easily, especially during emergencies.

When braking, bend your knees slightly to lessen the impact on your legs and to have better balance and control while decelerating. Learn to use each of your e-scooter brakes to help you apply the right brake at the right time.

2. Control your speed

Avoid riding at top speed, and instead, practice riding at a safe speed or pace. Riding at high speeds can be dangerous, as it will be more difficult to stop. Moreover, when you ride at high speeds and suddenly need to stop, you can fall over and injure yourself. So, learn to go at a steady pace and control your speed.

In addition, learn how to stop gradually. When descending on hills, always keep one foot behind the foot brake so you can control your speed. Also, avoid pressing down on the brakes sharply to avoid skidding or falling over. Make sure to practice controlling your speed and braking properly at certain speeds.

3. Use your feet on uneven ground

It’s difficult and dangerous to use brakes on uneven or slippery ground. After all, brakes are less effective on uneven or wet surfaces, and it’s easier to lose balance. So, first, slow down and ride at a comfortable speed. 

When braking, it’s best to use an electronic brake to decelerate and use your feet to come to a full stop. Since you are riding at a slow pace, using your foot will be fine as long as you safely place it down on the ground. Placing your feet down will also help you stabilise yourself on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Frequently asked questions on using electric scooter brakes

1. Should you use the front or rear brakes on a scooter?

Front brakes offer a stronger braking power. However, it’s best to learn how to use both front and rear brakes effectively for maximum effect and safety.

2. How do you keep balance on an electric scooter?

Make sure that your centre of gravity is on the centre of the deck. Avoid leaning forward or leaning back. Also, place one foot behind to stabilise yourself on the deck. It also helps to ride slowly so you can balance yourself better.

3. Is a disc brake safer for scooters?

Yes. They offer accurate and strong braking power. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s best to learn how to use all your electric scooter brakes simultaneously, especially during emergencies.

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