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How to Store Your Electric Scooter Properly

How to Store Your Electric Scooter Properly

Part of
maintaining your electric scooter is storing it properly at home. It will not only leave your electric scooter in good condition but also, ultimately, lengthen its lifespan. Unfortunately, some riders don’t know how to store their electric scooters properly, leaving it as is after riding and then, using it again as is. E-scooters are not high maintenance but you should be aware of how to take care of them properly. 

The great news is that it’s fairly simple to store your electric scooter, but it will do wonders for your e-scooter. Whether your electric scooter is expensive or not or old or new, here’s a simple guideline on how to store your electric scooter properly.

Clean the electric scooter first

It’s obvious to clean your electric scooter when it gets dirty with mud or if you have ridden it in dusty or sandy places. But what if your electric scooter is fairly clean? Should you still clean it? Definitely. 

Even when your e-scooter looks clean, dust and other particles could accumulate in some components of your unit. After all, you were riding it outside. However, you don’t need to deep clean it. Wiping the parts, especially underneath the deck, with a towel will do the trick. Cleaning it before storing also allows you to inspect your electric scooter and see if it had any damage from your last trip. 

For thorough tips on cleaning your e-scooter, here’s how to clean your electric scooter properly.

Charge before you store

One common mistake that some riders make is not charging their electric scooters after every use. Never leave your battery drained, even if you will not be using it for a long time. Storing your electric scooter without charging can affect your battery’s capacity and performance once you use it again.

Make sure to charge up to 60% at least once a month if you will not be using it for a long time. If you will use it the following day, bringing it to a full charge is fine. Also, avoid charging your electric scooter in an area where it’s too cold or too hot. Harsh temperatures can deplete your battery’s capacity and lifespan faster.

For more tips on maintaining and making the most out of your battery capacity and performance, check out our tips to maximise your electric scooter battery life.

Prepare the electric scooter for storing

The following tips may be common knowledge, but it’s still important to cover and review this part. This only covers two things, but you can check if you are actually doing it properly. 

First, turn off your e-scooter. Make sure it’s turned off properly and it is no longer plugged in after charging. You may also remove its battery and store it somewhere else if the storage temperature is not ideal for the battery.

Finally, fold your e-scooter. Fold and lock your e-scooter into place to make it easier to store it, especially in small spaces. Folding your electric scooter also ensures that it doesn’t bump into or topple over the other items in the space.

These steps are necessary to store your electric scooter properly.

Store in a clean and dry place

One thing that you might want to think about is where to put your electric scooter. Ideally, you need a clean, dark, and dry place to keep it in good condition. The garage or small room storage would be a great place to store your e-scooter. However, anywhere is fine as long as it meets the right conditions.

Avoid storing your e-scooter in places such as a moist basement, extremely cold or hot areas, a shed with no heating or sunlight, and areas that are prone to flooding. Storing them in these areas or conditions can oxidise or corrode some of your e-scooter components and deplete your battery capacity and performance quickly.

Use an electric scooter storage bag

Leaving it inside the garage or storage area may not be enough. After all, dust could accumulate on the e-scooter, especially if you intend to store it for a long time. Some riders use a storage bag that’s designed specifically for storing your e-scooter. 

Other riders also use the bag when commuting to store their e-scooter, especially when riding on public transport. It’s a less eye-catching way of bringing your e-scooter to public

For those who are under a budget, other electric scooter storage ideas that you can use are the e-scooter’s box, a large pillowcase, a large garbage bag, and a large old box or container if you already threw the e-scooter’s box. 

You might think that covering your electric scooter seems like a stretch, but the logic works the same way as covering a car or motorcycle in storage. Ultimately, this will help maintain and extend the lifespan of your e-scooter.

Protect your electric scooter

Finally, even when you are storing your electric scooter inside your home, add extra protection and security by locking your e-scooter with external locks. There are different locks that you can use such as a U-lock, D-lock, cable lock, and heavy-duty chain, among others. 

This step is optional, but it will give you the peace of mind that your electric scooter isn’t going anywhere in case something happens. If you’re not sure what kind of lock you should use, here’s our guide on how to pick the best electric scooter locks for your e-scooter.

Final reminders

Keep the tips above in mind to store your electric scooter properly. If you are storing your electric scooter for a long time, make sure to check on it now and then. Don’t forget to charge it at least once a month to keep the battery in good condition. Also, make sure to check the tyres as well, especially if you have pneumatic tyres. 

Once you’re ready to ride your electric scooter again after a long time, check all the components first and charge it to 100% to ensure that your electric scooter is working properly. Taking care of your electric scooter will prolong its lifespan and make your investment more worth it.