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How to Repair an Electric Scooter Throttle


Adult electric scooters offer an efficient and practical way to travel within cities. However, despite being low-maintenance, electric scooters are still prone to repairs, especially if you don’t take care of them properly. One e-scooter issue that owners may encounter includes a faulty electric scooter throttle.

Before you purchase an electric scooter online, prepare yourself for the possible maintenance needed and the costs that come with it. To help you save time and money, here’s how to repair an electric scooter throttle.

What is the Throttle?

The throttle controls the amount of fuel or power that an e-scooter uses. The amount of power depends on how much the rider tilts or pushes the throttle. The different types of electric scooter throttle include the thumb, twist, trigger, and wheel throttle.

How to Repair an Electric Scooter Throttle

The electric scooter repair guide below will help you determine the causes of a faulty throttle and resolve them.

Find the cause of the malfunction

If you encounter a malfunctioning throttle, find the root cause first. Prepare your electric scooter and move it to a flat table or elevated area to make it easier to inspect the e-scooter. Also, make sure that your battery has enough charge or is connected to a power supply when testing your e-scooter.

Below are several methods that you can do to test your e-scooter throttle. In some of these methods, you may need to open up your electric scooter and locate the throttle wire. Check your electric scooter throttle wiring diagram. It usually includes three coloured wires of red, black, and blue (or green).

  • Check the throttle itself
    Twist, turn, or push the throttle, depending on the type of throttle that you have. If the speed display and e-scooter lights don’t turn on, it means that the problem lies in the throttle and controller. You will need to check the controller to confirm which one is the problem. Check out our guide on common electric scooter controller problems.

    Meanwhile, if the e-scooter doesn’t start when you twist or push the throttle, the problem could also be the battery and ignition key.

  • Test the e-scooter fuse
    Turn off the e-scooter and pull out the fuse. Make sure the rear wheel is elevated. Then, connect a C positive multimeter to the throttle’s red wire, and attach the black wire to the DC ground. Then, connect a voltmeter to the black and blue (or green) wire.

    Put the fuse back inside the e-scooter and turn on the electric scooter. Twist the throttle to start the motor. If the electric scooter and motor start successfully, the issue lies with the throttle. If the voltmeter is also low, the throttle is the problem. Ideally, the voltmeter should be between zero to 3+ volts.

  • Inspect the throttle wires
    Check the throttle wires physically and check for any cut, burned, or melted wires. If you found one, replace the throttle immediately since the throttle most likely overheated.

If the throttle is the problem

It’s recommended to replace a faulty throttle since it is vital to your safety when riding on the road. If you don’t know how to fix a scooter throttle, it’s best to call a mechanic instead to help you install a new one. Moreover, these kinds of major e-scooter components should be handled by a professional to ensure safety and functionality.

If the controller is the problem

If the issue lies with the controller, it’s best to have it repaired or replaced immediately to avoid inconvenience. You may refer to this guide on how to replace an electric scooter throttle. Contact your local mechanic or retailer if you can’t replace the controller on your own.

If the fuse is the problem

If the fuse is missing, simply install the fuse that comes with your electric scooter. However, if the fuse has a broken wire, cracks, or damages, bring your electric scooter to a service centre and have the fuse replaced. 

If there are no damages to the wires and fuse, ensure that the wires are connected securely to the other components. Then, try running the e-scooter again. If it still doesn’t start, bring the electric scooter to a mechanic.

If the battery is weak or defective

Consider installing a new battery if the power has reduced significantly or the battery became unresponsive. Note that the capacity of batteries depletes over time, making your electric scooter run for a shorter time and distance. Replacing the battery is the best option to ensure a convenient and long-lasting ride.

Make sure to buy the same battery model as your electric scooter. Also, have it installed by a professional if you don’t know how to replace your e-scooter battery.

If the electric scooter accelerates but doesn’t stop

Have you experienced turning on your e-scooter and then it runs even if you didn’t press the throttle? If you experienced this incident, it means that the throttle, control box, or both are faulty. You will most likely need to replace either one of the parts or both. Bring the e-scooter to a mechanic immediately to help you resolve this problem. It’s best if a professional handles this repair.

Where to Have the Throttle Fixed

Most of the cases above recommend having a professional fix the issue. To get your e-scooter repaired, go to the retailer where you bought your e-scooter and ask if they offer repairs. If your electric scooter is still under warranty, you may get your e-scooter serviced for free or for less than the cost. 

When getting an electric scooter, consider the warranty period of the e-scooter to get the most out of the retailer or manufacturer’s service. For example, Mearth offers a two-year warranty for the frame of any Mearth electric scooter and a one-year warranty on the motor, controller, battery, and main body of any Mearth e-scooter. Learn more about Mearth’s warranty policy.

Meanwhile, if your retailer doesn’t offer repairs, go to the nearest e-scooter store or repair shop in your neighbourhood instead.

For more electric scooter repair guides, read more on Mearth’s blogs.

For repairs on Mearth electric scooters, you may contact us by requesting a repair on our website. Fill out the form and wait for a representative to reach out. Also, check out our available electric scooter parts and accessories for Mearth e-scooters.