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The Ride Revolution That Changed History


The Ride Revolution began because of a necessity. When the need for something becomes imperative, one is forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. This was exactly what Ming felt after first-handedly experiencing the travel frustrations in Sydney, Australia. He felt the necessity to make a difference, because he knew something just had to change.  True to what Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher has said, that “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” 

Inventions are proof that there is a necessity to change something and help improve or solve a lingering, undesirable problem for the betterment of mankind. The motivation and the drive to find a better mode of transport birthed Mearth, now a market leader among Australian electric scooters, with Ming as CEO. It all began with the desire to make a tangible change.

In the Beginning

Ming Ye is a 1st generation Australian citizen who is a Mechatronics Engineer, an alumnus of the University of Sydney (USYD) in Australia. He was only 17 when he moved to the Harbor City of Australia after he received an offer from the said university to join them. While at USYD, Ming regularly commuted by bus and train, however public transport was not ideal. It was very expensive, costing approximately $7-8 AUD for a single trip. Long waits, sudden delays or labor strikes was a common occurrence. Often, public modes of transportation failed to show up. The frustration just mounted throughout the years.


The Necessity to Change

It was Ming’s second year at USYD when he finally decided to get a car. Little did he know, he was in for a big disappointment. He realized traffic jams were frequent, parking spaces were always full, and parking fees and unavoidable violation tickets (for any vehicle really) were costly – not to mention the constant fuel hikes. Then there were also the negative environmental effects of owning a car because of the high concentration of chemicals these vehicles emitted. They directly affected critical organs like our heart and brain. This was an issue because it was harmful for the planet and for us. And additionally, when only one person was in the car, this only meant a huge waste of energy and resources. Ming knew something had to change. He believed there was a better solution to get from point A to point B and to help solve the inconvenience that so many people are enduring. This necessity gave birth to an idea, a concept that led to brainstorm sessions in 2015.

In the year that followed, Mearth was established. The company was also officially registered in 2016 and a ride revolution began. 

Love at First Sight & Endless Possibilities

As a Mechatronics Engineer, Ming realized how fundamental his studies were in the development of Mearth. Since he was certainly familiar with electronics, he was able to utilize his technical expertise and he discovered new grounds to make a breakthrough in the world of e-scooters.

The fascination for e-scooters started when Ming first laid his eyes on the simplicity of this micro-mobility device and at the same time the challenges it came with. One could say it was love at first sight. As he continued to look at an e-scooter with magic, he envisioned it could be better than what was being offered in the market. Ming saw the potential of improving these e-scooters because he knew exactly that this was how the trend would go, updates after updates. 

Since the concept of electric scooters were very new, not wholly entrenched yet in their presence in the Australian market seven years ago,  Ming worked tirelessly to improve on the technology. Ming knew the idea was already right but the execution wasn’t done properly in older e-scooter models. In his heart and mind, Ming was very hopeful as he saw the potential of all these improvements. He declared, “I am confident electric scooters will be the future of transportation.” And this was precisely the start of Ming’s revolutionary mission, starting in Australia, to change the world one electric scooter at a time.

Championing the Game

Ming was unswerving and relentless even if a single scooter prototype meant dealing with numerous suppliers (and not everyone was easy to handle). This was one of the most challenging problems Ming had to face, including the supply chain disruption (everyone fought for batteries and microchips, etc.). It also took hard work and close coordination behind every electric scooter and this was just for the prototype phase. Challenges, risks and constraints ensued and the struggle did not abate. The disappointment and frustration that Ming had to face and the risk the company had to go through to buy things with cold cash was devastating. But Ming’s resolute spirit and vision carried him to the realization of  his mission. There was no giving up, not when Ming had fire in his heart and an equally committed team. Ming always testified that it was and it is always a team effort, because of the contributions and individual expertise and hours dedicated to significant trials, testing, research, and refinement until the best Mearth electric scooter was created. The e-scooter venture definitely gave Ming the opportunity to work with experts and tech giants in the field.

Keeping the Faith

While Ming braved the storm, Mearth also withstood the acid test that most inventors, unflinching and steadfast, hurdled. Today, the company has achieved what the mediocre would call untenable. Mearth is now where it is because of the dream that Ming put into action. A dream is only a dream unless you make it come true. Successfully, Mearth has earned a significant role in this world, a distinct function in the market and also resources to leverage. 

The company that Ming Ye created, Mearth, is a brand that stands strong and tall, amidst market uncertainties. Mearth, along with Ming and the Mearth team, hand-in-hand, are all together facing the sun, moving forward, moving ahead, never giving up despite the trials that might come. 

The impressive strides Ming and the Mearth team took to benefit multitudes through the enhancements and improvements of the innovative e-scooters, paved the way for a more comfortable and convenient way of transport. Ming with quiet confidence, smiled and said, “What I have shared to society is a better choice, an alternative that is far, far more convenient, practical, economical, time-saving and environment-friendly.”