Should You Get an E-Scooter? 7 Reasons Why You Should

Should You Get an E-Scooter? Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should

Should You Get an E-Scooter? Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should

Thanks to the best e-scooter brands in Australia, such as Mearth, electric scooters have gained popularity as an alternative and eco-friendly transport, especially in cities and urban areas. In fact, the e-scooter market is expected to reach
$30 billion by 2025. This comes as no surprise as more cities across the globe are encouraging using e-scooters because of their efficient and convenient means to navigate.

As e-scooters increasingly become the transport of the future, should you also get an e-scooter? Moreover, is it worth having one? Here are reasons why e-scooters are worth the investment.

1. E-scooters provide a first and last-mile solution.

The first and last-mile problem refers to the short distance commuters take before or after riding public transit or getting to their destination. Usually, these are distances that are too far for a person to walk and too near for a person to use a car. Riding an e-scooter solves this dilemma by providing a fast and lightweight vehicle for commuters or travellers to travel efficiently.

In addition, car users can also use e-scooters to get to their destination when there’s no available parking space or if there’s a traffic jam. E-scooters are the perfect solution for short commutes.

2. It is also an efficient transport alternative.

Many e-scooter brands have developed more powerful models that can run long ranges that’s enough for a full trip to work or school. For example, the Mearth GTS MAX is one of the best e-scooters in Australia for long-range, off-road travelling. It can travel to a maximum range of 100 km in a single charge. This range is possible thanks to the e-scooter’s 2400W motor and a 1,061Wh battery capacity. Using high-performance e-scooters, you can also ride long-distance commutes. 

3. It saves on cost compared to fueled vehicles.

Using e-scooters immediately eliminates the need for fuel costs and reduces your overall transport costs significantly. You also don’t have to worry about the electricity costs of charging e-scooters as it adds very little to your electricity bill. In fact, charging an e-scooter with a 400Wh battery can cost around $0.06 during off-peak hours or $0.12 peak hours in Australia. Moreover, e-scooters are generally low maintenance. So, as long as you properly care for your e-scooter, there’s no need to pay for repairs.

4. Owning an e-scooter is cheaper than renting shared e-scooters.

Although e-scooter ride-sharing platforms are available, having your own e-scooter is significantly cheaper, especially if you will be using it every day. Let’s say you plan on riding a shared e-scooter twice a day for a total of 20 minutes. Unlocking a Lime e-scooter costs $1. After that, riders pay 30c per minute. That’s a total of $8 per day. Add that up to five days a week for one whole year, and it would cost you a total of $1,920 in a year to ride a shared e-scooter.

On the other hand, you could get a decent everyday e-scooter for around $400 to $800 that you can use anytime, anywhere. With little to no maintenance costs, riders can expect less than $1000 for an e-scooter that can last two years or longer.

5. You don’t need a license to ride.

Another benefit to owning e-scooters is that anyone of legal age can ride them. There’s no need to secure a permit or license unless you’re riding in Northern Territory (NT). E-scooters are considered motor vehicles in NT, so riders must register their e-scooters to ride on roads and public places.

It’s also important for riders to keep their state’s e-scooter laws in mind before deciding to get an e-scooter. As of now, the best e-scooters in AU can only ride publicly in the following states: VIC, QLD, ACT, NT, WA, TAS.

6. E-scooters don’t take up much space.

For some, it may seem a hassle to carry an e-scooter around, especially on public transportation. However, e-scooters are designed with portability in mind. After all, most e-scooters can be folded easily, reducing their size into a slim design that can fit under desks, on sidewalks, between gaps, inside car trunks, and within narrow spaces.

Moreover, most e-scooters are lightweight and only weigh around 10kg to 14kg. E-scooters weighing 10kg to 12kg are already considered the lightest in the market. Overall, an e-scooter’s size, weight, and design make e-scooters a portable companion on the road and at home.

7. E-scooters offer a greener way to travel

Finally, e-scooters are popular for helping reduce the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. In fact, a study by Lime found that Paris saved 330 tons of carbon emissions in a year because of e-scooters. If more people can use e-scooters, the study estimates that e-scooter can prevent over 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

With road transportation as a major contributor to carbon emissions, choosing to ride e-scooters or other eco-friendly vehicles will reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, slow down global warming, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Should you get an e-scooter?

Choose an e-scooter if you prefer to have convenient transport for short trips, save on transport costs, avoid traffic jams, and reduce your carbon footprint. However, it all depends on your needs and lifestyle. As long as an e-scooter caters to your needs, then it’s worth getting one.

If you’re not sure which e-scooter to get, check out these electric scooter reviews of the best e-scooters in Australia from Honest John. If you have decided to get an e-scooter, here’s what you should look for.