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All You Need to Know About Electric Scooter Warranty

All You Need to Know About Electric Scooter Warranty - Mearth-E-scooter

One aspect that some riders don’t keep an eye on when buying an e-scooter is the electric scooter warranty. Although most e-scooters nowadays are well-built, there could still be a slim percentage of factory defects that could occur. If your unit is defective, it’s important to know your retailer or manufacturer’s warranty inclusions to know if you can have it replaced, repaired, or refunded. 

Warranties differ per brand and model, but there are common warranty inclusions and information that are useful to know. This guide will cover all that you need to know about electric scooter warranties.

What is a warranty?

First, let’s start by covering the basics of a warranty. A warranty is a written guarantee that a retailer or manufacturer issues when customers buy their product. It promises to refund, repair, or replace a defective product. Warranties are required by governing bodies to protect the consumers’ rights. 

For electric scooters, the warranty period typically lasts three months up to 12 months. Meanwhile, very few brands offer up to two years of warranty. Unlike other products, electric scooters are more prone to wear and damage, so the warranty period is usually shorter. A warranty period usually starts as soon as you purchase or receive your e-scooter. Some also start after you register for a warranty from your retailer or manufacturer. It all depends on the shop’s warranty policy, so read the policy carefully.

What does an electric scooter warranty cover?

An electric scooter warranty usually covers defects on the following components:

  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Throttle
  • Brakes 
  • Suspension
  • LCD screen
  • Dashboard

Meanwhile, most e-scooter brands do NOT cover the following parts:

  • Wheels
  • Flat tyres
  • Damage to the deck, handlebar, or chassis
  • Fender
  • Surface or paint damage
  • Missing screws, nuts, or bolts

These components are usually not included since they are easily replaceable or repairable parts. Take note that only damages caused by the manufacturer’s fault will be honoured. 

Return policies

Return policies are also included in electric scooter warranty policies. Most e-scooter brands offer a 14 or 30-day return policy. This means, if you wish to return your unit, you should return within the return period. Otherwise, change-of-mind returns may not be honoured unless there is something wrong with your e-scooter. However, keep in mind that the shipping fee for returning a product is almost always shouldered by the customers. Some brands may also charge a restocking fee of around 10% of the price.

What will void the warranty?

Most electric scooter brands will void a warranty if the damage or malfunction has been caused by the misuse or mishandling of the owner. This is stated clearly on a brand’s warranty policy. Mishandling or improper use often include or refer to:

  • Modifications

These modifications include upgrading the battery, rewinding the motor, installing different wheels, installing accessories that are not meant for the e-scooter model, altering the brakes, and installing a firmware, among many others. Read the brand’s warranty policy to know which modifications will void the warranty.

  • Incorrect riding

E-scooter brands often remind riders how to ride safely. They also include riding instructions and safety tips in the user manual. Unfortunately, many riders disregard these, so many end up damaging their e-scooters and asking for an electric scooter repair or replacement. However, faults caused by the customer will not be honoured by the brand.

  • Overloading

    Riders who disregard the maximum weight limit on e-scooters can cause their e-scooters to break down. The cause of overloading is usually due to two people riding an e-scooter. Never ride an e-scooter with someone else, as that is very unsafe for both riders. Doing so in public will also have you fined.

  • Water damage

    Even if an e-scooter model is waterproof, malfunctions due to water damage are never covered in e-scooter warranties. So, when cleaning your e-scooter, always be careful not to splash water on the battery, motor, and electricals.

To avoid having your electric scooter warranty voided, read the warranty policy carefully and don’t do anything that will void your warranty. Of course, take care of your e-scooter and always ride safely.

How to claim an electric scooter warranty

E-scooter brands have different ways on how customers can claim their warranty. However, before anything else, make sure that you are buying from a reputable brand or official e-scooter distributor to ensure that you will receive a warranty for your e-scooter.

Claiming your warranty usually involve the following steps:

    1. Contact customer support. Warranty policies provide an email or phone number to contact when you need to avail of their warranty service. Start by reaching out to the retailer or manufacturer and describe the defect.
    2. Provide proof. If your claim is valid, customer support will need proof of your purchase and also, in some cases, proof of the defect. So, never throw away your official receipt and have an image or video of the malfunction ready to submit to the brand.

  • Follow the company’s instructions. Wait for the company’s instructions on how to replace or repair your unit. In some cases, you may need to have it shipped or brought to the shop to have it replaced or repaired. If the defect was proven as the manufacturer’s fault, then the shipping costs are almost often shouldered by the shop or manufacturer.

Since you will likely send your e-scooter back for repair or replacement, remember not to throw away your e-scooter box just yet. Some companies require that the box should be in good shape, but ultimately, keeping the box will be easier for you to ship the e-scooter back again. 

Also, some e-scooter companies require customers to register for the warranty. The details on how and where to register will be included in your warranty policy. So, it’s best to have your unit registered for warranty as soon as you get your e-scooter.

What if your warranty claim is not accepted?

If the defect or malfunction is proven to be caused by the manufacturer and is still under warranty, you have the right to claim your warranty. However, if the manufacturer or reseller does not want to take responsibility for it, then be persistent, explaining the damage in detail, until you get it replaced, repaired, or refunded. Remember to be calm but firm when dealing with your warranty. In most cases, the shop will eventually honour your claim.

If the shop still doesn’t honour your valid warranty claim, know that there are governing bodies and laws that protect your consumer rights. In Australia, these are the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010, Fair Trading Laws, and the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). make sure to understand these laws and the shop’s warranty policy before taking action.

Mearth offers the best warranty service

Mearth, the first developer of electric scooters in Australia, respects each consumer and the laws governing your rights to receiving quality products and services. To offer convenience and protection to our customers, we offer two years of warranty for the frame and one year of warranty for the battery, motor, main body, and controller. This warranty applies to all of our e-scooter models. 

To claim your Mearth warranty, Mearth customers must first register their warranty within one month of purchase through the online warranty registration. Customers must also present a receipt or invoice of purchase when making a warranty claim. The warranty is only valid if presented to Mearth or official partner retailers. Modifications or repairs by third-party services will void your warranty. Learn more about Mearth’s warranty policy.

For any enquiries or concerns about your unit, you can reach our friendly support staff via