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5 Reasons Why We Love or Hate E-Scooters

5 Reasons Why We Love or Hate Electric Scooters of Mearth

5 Reasons why we love or hate e-scooters. It could be a bewildering issue for the misinformed. Are you aware that electric scooters have a few monickers like  “firestarter”,  “knocks down innocent babies”, “menace to commuters”…or “the one-that-should-not-have-existed”? Would you love or hate e-scooters?

To balance things out, these e-scooters are also called “Godsent”, “wonderful invention of the century ”, “ever-available travel buddy”,  “all-terrain beast”, and “badass”, to name a few. They provide a convenient and easy way of getting out of standstill traffic jams in highly populated cities that overwhelm commuters daily. Aside from the benefits, there are other distinct advantages like portability, compactness, carry-and-store-anywhere, lightweight, and being environmentally friendly.


To backtrack, who do you think came up with such brilliant or foolhardy ideas? Does anyone know how it evolved – if ever? For those in this lifetime, those who either learned to love or hate electric scooters, the heat is on! This is one piece of trivia that reveals the reasons that will make sense:


Why We Love or Hate Electric Scooters

  • Great-grandpas could’ve been riding electric scooters way back.

    If you’re thinking that the e-scooter is an idea that was thought of much later, you’re in for a big surprise. Believe it or not, the electric scooter would have been more than a century old. The Autoped was the “first mass-produced motorized scooter ride in the U.S” that appeared on the streets immediately after it was launched in 1915.


  • You need a driver’s license to ride an electric scooter.

    Says who?  Well, there are regions all over Australia that required e-scooter riders to get licenses or registration to be allowed to ride e-scooters, even when at that time, there were not many safety regulations for motorized vehicles on the roads. This isn’t outrageous. People were riding their motorized scooters that were  pulled over by a policeman, were asked to show their  licenses, and were consequently given a ticket – either for over-speeding or violating road regulations and limits. Others were even summoned to traffic court. The reason? The rider who committed the violation was operating the electric scooter without a driver’s license. Licenses were required as a precaution, and also to ensure that riders ride responsibly. This is common sense to ensure the safety of both the rider and the pedestrian.


  • Thank female power.

    Feminists will be glad to know that centuries earlier, women were already fighting for gender equality. Wouldn’t you feel good to learn that the Autoped helped to promote “a level of freedom and movement” to ladies? The slogan “Look out for the Autoped girl” has indeed come a long way from the time when women’s rights were non-existent. What men can do with ease and vigor, women today can also do the same, with innate grace and charm.


  • Charge your E-Scooter by following the steps carefully -

    Your safety comes first. Do it right. Buy an electric scooter from reputable sellers only. Ask for the e-scooter warranty. Mearth top-performing and high-quality e-scooters that  come with an original battery. Make sure you use an original charger and it comes with your e-scooter purchase. Don’t overcharge your electric scooter. Don’t charge it near flammable objects. Let your e-scooter cool down for a while after riding, before you charge your device. Periodically inspect your batteries for bulges, leakage, or any other weird stuff to see if there is a defect or damage, in which case, don’t use the charger or the battery. Ask for assistance from the customer service of the store where you bought your electric scooter.


  • E-Scooters are dangerous.

    Yes, and no. Circumstantial reports consider these mobility devices as posing danger not just to innocent pedestrians on the roads, but to their owners as well. However, when some say that e-scooters are a ‘menace to society’, it is a debatable issue that private electric scooters will strongly dispute. 

An unfortunate mishap that occurred recently involved some fires started by e-scooters that reinforced lawmakers’ stand. But when you come to think of it, electric scooters are inanimate devices. What moves electric scooters and takes them to places are people. Riding responsibly requires mindfulness, focus and alertness, with the owner taking his  accountability seriously, and strictly adhering to traffic and road regulations. This also includes what is non-negotiable: following the electric scooter manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter.

During pre-pandemic years, accidents and injuries of various natures were reported.  Incidents recorded showed e-scooters ‘zooming’ by a passerby, accompanied by earsplitting, blasting music. And then there were other electric scooters that suddenly zoom into an unsuspecting pedestrian, colliding and causing fractures, falls, bruises, and worse, death ( of in fants and the elderly). 

International studies assert, however, that there are about 115 serious injuries per million e-scooter trips, a rate comparable to motorcycles. A study done in 2019 found that e-scooters were ridden illegally on about half of their journeys, and the riders using share schemes were more likely to be reckless and non-compliant. Add to this the lack of proper rider training, ignorance of traffic laws, violating pedestrian-only zones, and weak headlights. Another contributing factor is riding an already defective electric scooter (clones, fake, imported brands, and cheap, generic electric scooters are the culprits.)

Now, you and I know, whether to love or hate e-scooters. There is good and bad in everything. Everything in this world involves risks. Irresponsible actions can wreck consequences that can be irreversible or worse, fatal. Every action has a corresponding reaction. That is why moderation and caution are key. Have fun, responsibly.


So, do you love or hate e-scooters?

Love the freedom, love the convenience, love the adventure. Love the benefit of riding your Mearth electric scooter. Above all, love your safety and others, too. Respect other people’s rights.  After all, we are all in this, together.