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The rule of the seven professionals is eliminated in the ‘play-offs’ of ascens

The rule of the seven professionals is eliminated in the ‘play-offs’ of ascens

With the 1-0, the play-off options skyrocket and are almost final. It will be more difficult to catch second place, now in the hands of Huesca. But nothing is decided yet. To continue dreaming, we will have to win in Lugo, a place that the Catalan team has dominated.

Girona subscribes to its infallible formula

The centenary of a record man

Girona has visited the Anxo Carro five times. He has won four times, always repeating the result (1-2) and has only given up two points, when he tied in April 2016 (1-1). During the promotion season, the team also visited the same stage in the final stretch of the course and achieved three very important points that brought it very close to its goal. 

CE Sabadell has issued a statement in which they report that they have reached an agreement with Antonio Hidalgo for the extension of his contract for two more seasons (2022). The club confirms this after the coach managed to save a team in decline seven days before the end of the league.

Dec 11, 2019 at 5:53 pm CET

Javier Villodres

At the press conference, the Managing Director of the Harlequin club, Bruno Batlle, praised the coach’s work since his arrival. He explained that the renewal decision supposes the continuity of a project that started at a high level last season and that they hope they will continue with the same upward trend.

"Your work is extraordinary. He understood what we needed and knew how to connect very quickly with the players to reverse the situation we were in. He is a very demanding coach and this is very good because it makes us all improve every day. We will give you all the necessary tools so that you can achieve success"Batlle explained to the media.

For his part, Hidalgo has admitted that he did not hesitate at any time to accept the offer: "It was very clear to me, this is my house. Here they treat me very well and value me very much". Lastly, he wanted to thank all the club’s staff for the trust they gave him from the beginning, although he acknowledges that they still have a long way to go.

El Sabadell signs a historic agreement with a group of investors

"Time will tell if Rakitic’s return is possible"

Read here the CE Sabadell statement

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Sabadell will face Barça tomorrow at the Johan Cruyff with the presence on the bench of one of the members of one of the famous “Quinta de Troya” that left its mark at the Mini Estadi. Xavi Hernández was the leader of that generation in which Antonio Hidalgo, current Sabadell coach, also stood out and is causing a great impact on his career as a coach.

Oct 26, 2019 at 8:14 am CEST

Jordi Gil @jordigil

Hidalgo was claimed as an emergency solution when Sabadell was irretrievably walking towards the Third Division. The former captain harlequiando was in Cyprus as second coach of AEK Larnaca after a premiere in his native Granollers, which he had saved from releasing the First Catalan.

Sabadell had been shipwrecked with the austere football of Toni Seligrat and Kiko Ramírez had not managed to revive the team either. Hidalgo only had seven games to spare to lift a broken team. He resigned his contract in Cyprus and together with another myth from Sabadell, Juvenal Edjogo, he worked the miracle of staying in a dramatic end of the year, scoring 12 points and turning the last league game in Olot into a tremendous party.

Hidalgo and Juvenal renewed and from the preseason they sought to form a team with their own identity. The balls passed away and with a modern system that alternates the three central defense, with a line of four with the ball, it has made Sabadell work again and, above all, to excite. A fan of fine palate that gathered in 3,638 spectators in the last match in the Creu Alta against Espanyol B and that tomorrow Sunday will invade the Johan Cruyff. The ‘Hialdgo method’ is leaving its mark and his career is aiming very high.


Hard ballot for CE Sabadell and UE Cornellà on their way to be promoted to LaLiga SmartBank. Atlético B and UD Ibiza-Eivissa -the former rival of Barça in the Copa del Rey- will be the rivals of harlequins and greens in the first tie of the express play-off for promotion, which will be played from July 18 in different Andalusian fields, after the draw held this Thursday in Puerto Banús.


On at 22:41 CEST

Lluís Payarols @Lluis_Payarols

The format of the competition this year has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and is played in a single match phase of concentration. Sabadell and Cornellà should overcome three heats if they want to achieve the goal of promotion. The following will be played on July 23 and 26.

For now, the first to act will be those from Baix Llobregat, who will challenge Ibiza at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium on 18-J. The next day, the Harlequin team will face their commitment against the rojiblanco subsidiary at the Nuevo Mirador de Algeciras stadium.

The Vallesan team entered the drum as third classified in the third group of Second B and, therefore, had to match another third in the category. For its part, Cornellà was waiting for a second classified, since it occupied the fourth position when the regular phase was finished. He had three possible rivals, since he could not be paired with Barça B, as he belonged to the same group.

A subsidiary with a goal

Atlético B is a tough bone for Antonio Hidalgo’s Sabadell. Not in vain was it the top scorer in group 1 of Segunda B, with 52 goals in the 28 games played until the competition was over. After an irregular start, he consolidated in the play-off positions from matchday 9. Óscar Clemente and Darío Poveda, with ten targets each, are his top gunners this season.

Valladolid Promises, rival of Barça B in the play-off for promotion to Second A

The team is led by Nacho Fernández, a 46-year-old from Gijón who was new to the square and who last season served as Getafe’s second coach, under the command of Pepe Bordalás. 

Watch out for ‘friend’ Pep Caballé

As for Cornellà, he will face one of the tournament’s coconuts, Pablo Alfaro’s UD Ibiza-Eivissa. The entity chaired by Amadeo Salvo was in the news months ago as it was Barça’s rival in the first round of the Blaugrana team in the Copa del Rey. Then it was in Can Misses and in the heat of its public, in a meeting that the still pupils of Ernesto Valverde took in deciding.

Without being one of the most successful teams in group 1 of Segunda B, they do stand out for their defensive strength, with only 18 conceded goals. Seven of them, by ex-Spanish player Germán Parreño in the 15 games in which he appeared. The remaining eleven, by the Brazilian Lucas Nunes Anacker, present in 13 games. His goal man is Ángel Rodado, with 13 goals. But Cornellà knows one of his pieces very well: midfielder Pep Caballé, until last season captain of the Baix Llobregat greens. 

All pairings

Let’s review all the pairings of the first of the three draws that will take place in this express play-off for the promotion to LaLIga SmartBank. In the first place, the draw for the direct promotion qualifiers was carried out, which face the champions of the four groups. The matches will be played at La Rosaleda and will be the following:

Castellón-UD Logroñés (Saturday, July 18) Cartagena-At. Balearic Islands (Sunday, July 19).

The losers of these heats will remain in the competition and will face the six survivors of the first round. In the sniffing of seconds against quarters, the following crosses occurred:

UD Ibiza Eivissa-Cornellà (July 18, Malaga City stadium) Marbella-Penya Deportiva (July 18, Marbella Football Center) Barça B-Valladolid Promises (July 19, Malaga City stadium) Cultural Leonesa-Yeclano (July 19 July, Marbella Football Center)

And finally the third classifieds were paired, who will play their matches at the Nuevo Mirador de Algeciras. This was the order:

OFFICIAL: Barça B will play the play-off for promotion to Second A

The rule of the seven professionals in the promotion play-offs is eliminated

Athletic B-Badajoz (July 18) Sabadell-Atlético B (July 19)

A lot of hustle and bustle at the offices of the Catalan Football Federation. Since the competition stopped back in March, they have been very aware of the evolution of the pandemic to resolve and develop a plan on what the scenario is in the multiple categories that depend on the federative entity, both non-professional football and grassroots and futsal. In a circular made public yesterday, the FCF confirmed that there are no relegations in any of the competitions, that there are no champions (this section is deserted), but that there are promotions. The organization accepts the classifications as they were at the time the competition had to be interrupted and, for example, in cases in which the number of matches played was uneven, the accumulated points coefficient should prevail.

May 28, 2020 at 2:49 pm CEST

Sergi capdevila

The teams that were occupying a direct promotion position at that time will go up, while the rest of the “winners” must also be confirmed based on the famous domino effect derived from national competitions. In any case, the FCF is going to send the clubs provisionally today an email in which it will inform which are, a priori, those who will play in the higher category next year.


In SPORT we have talked with Oriol Camacho, FCF general secretary, who has clarified several points and has shed light on others that concern, and much, the clubs in general.