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Quick Information:

30km max range
25Kph max speed
2-4 hours charging time
2 year warranty on frame
1 year warranty on battery & motor


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  • Size: 113*19*33 CM
  • Net Weight:12KG
  • Wheel Diameter: 8 inch
  • Max Speed: 25Kph*
  • Range: 30Km*
  • Suitable Age: >16 years old
  • Suitable Height: 120- 200 CM
  • Max Load: 110kg
  • Max Gradeability: 25 degree
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Charging Time: 2- 4 hours
  • Package Contents: One scooter, One charger
  • Warranty: 2 years on frame, 1 year on battery and motor

*Under test conditions

PLEASE NOTE: This product is available to Australian Customers only. Due to weight and battery restrictions, all orders will be ground shipped.


The laws regarding the use of electric motorized scooters vary from state to state. Please consult the laws in your state before riding. Always wear full safety equipment when riding electric motorized scooters.The Electric Scooter manufacturer published performance data is based on factory testing in controlled conditions and should be used for comparative purposes only. Your variable on-road Electric Scooter performance will depend on the circumstances in which you operate the scooter, therefore Mearth Technology Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for either the warranty, repair or replacement of products that don’t meet the manufacturer published performance specifications.The completion of a financial transaction to purchase an Electric Scooter product acknowledges and accepts the content of this disclaimer statement.This Disclaimer does not deny you of your legal and/or consumer guarantee rights.

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg

6 reviews for Electric Scooter – Mearth X

  1. Nathan Kelly

    The scooter is really nice, I also like the fact that Mearth customer service is excellent. I received my scooter without the charger on the package, I contacted their customer service, and after one day I received my new charger, thankyou Jay for your help with the matter. This is the type of company I will recommend to my friends and family. I have no regret I choose Mearth X scooter!!!

  2. Amanda Cannata

    I purchased Mearth X last month; I was very excited to use it, and when I opened the package, the screws are nowhere to be found. I contacted Mearth customer service, and they’re excellent. However, the courier was a different story. The customer service team told me that it would arrive 3-4 working days, but when I checked the tracking number, it showed invalid on FASTWAY website. I am very disappointed not receiving it on time, Mearth customer service did the follow-up to the courier and had to wait another 2-3 day. I only give three stars because of the courier issue; please fix it!

  3. Emily Southam

    I received my new Mearth X but due to shipping, my scooter got scratches on some parts, good thing Mearth take the ownership to give me a new one. Thanks, Mearth!
    I am delighted at Mearth customer service. I chatted them on their website and asked them about their scooter specifications, I never felt that I was chatting to a robot, Jayrald was very responsive. I appreciate that he always updates me from time to time when he needs time to check on something. Thanks, Mearth! I received my Mearth X last week and I used daily to go to work.

  4. Stacey Williams

    I love my new Mearth X scooter, after a week of use I frequently get E6 and E7 problems which turn the scooter off. I contacted Mearth customer service, and I was advised to check for any damage cables and found out that I assembled the wires incorrectly that makes the cords ruptured, good thing Mearth customer service is incredible, I received my new scooter today, and followed the video they sent me to avoid cable damages. Not a perfect experience but I imagine other company will not send me a new one to fix this issue.

  5. Robbie Sewell

    Mearth X is superb compare to my Lite2, I can fold it into one piece for easy carrying from one place to another, especially when you pack it in the car trunk.love the kickstand so that I can park it upright and do other things qucikly when needed.

  6. Haur T

    My personal experience with Mearth (I live in Melbourne). Bought a Mearth X scooter in February this year. Broken down (more specifically due to faulty battery, and a few screws and springs) 4-5 months later.I used it to commute to between home, work and train station, certainly not heavy/rough use. Sent it back to Sydney warehouse, took over 2 months for the scooter to be fixed and sent back to me. Although the repair was covered in warranty (excluding postage to and from), it was an extremely lengthy and dragging process from start to finish, due to various reasons, including: ‘customer service person’ and ‘a technician’ that appear to be have days off during the normal business day, long period of ‘waiting for spare parts’. Also, my scooter arrived in their warehouse for a week and they did nothing until I email them to chase them up, and the answer was ‘we did not know whose scooter it is’, despite having my details on the box (although they claimed that there was none? not sure how could that happened) and me notifying them the ETA when the parcel was sent. It just felt like I have to constantly chase things up otherwise there is no progress at all. And I just ran out of patience at the end. I would say the customer service was meh for people not living locally. Otherwise the scooter works well, however not entirely sure about the longevity of this electronic scooter, and not sure if other people have had problems that required repairs.

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