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Ride an Electric Scooter!

Mearth electric scooters help you avoid traffic, high parking fees, gasoline expenses, car maintenance but most of all Mearth electric scooters help you save time and saving time is saving money.

If you work or go to school in the city riding a high end electric scooter is smart and economical, it's also a lot of fun!

Why an Electric Scooter?

So why an electric scooter? Electric scooters are very compact and reliable. You don't need parking space. You don't get stuck in traffic and you don't have high maintenance cost.

Again, the most important thing is, you save TIME. You can bring it almost everywhere. Just fold it and bring it with you. That's how simple it is.

Limited Time Offer

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Equivalent to More than Two Months of Groceries*



Equivalent to More than Two Weeks of Groceries*



Equivalent to Two Cups of Coffee*

Buy a Mearth Electric Scooter
and help Save Planet Earth!

Yes, the world is on fire, climate change is not only real it requires all our help! Every person

on Earth needs to help, using and Electric Scooter as your main source of transportation takes

one car off the road.


Jane Felps

“​Bought one as a Christmas present and My son loves the scooter. Finally, he is now leaving the Ipad behind, for that 5 stars. But now there is another problem, my daughter is asking for one. I can see that it is very well made, I am quite heavy and I ride it for grocery somedays, and it handles well.”

David Sandomierski

"Great customer service and helpful team. After weeks of research and upgrading from the Mearth Lite2 (Purchased 2nd hand from gumtree), I decided to upgrade to a new MearthX which I received the same day and had the most fun commute home ever – It can maintain a speed above 20km/h and also go up slight hills with ease. I highly recommend the MearthX and am excited to see what else Mearth will bring to the table in the future!”

Patrycja Bialek

"​I got my new Mearth X!!! I was very thankful I chose this e-scooter, really really love it. A friend of mine has his scooter with a different brand, then last Monday we both used our scooters and guess what? His scooter died, while mine has 3 bars left. I was laughing all the way. Great job Mearth!”

Smart Lifestyle Choices

Mearth electric scooters are fun to ride! Similar to bike riding, skateboarding, surfing; riding electric scooters connects you to the outside world. You see more, hear more, smell more than when you ride in a car.

The cool factor is undeniable, Mearth electric scooters have style an you'll look good riding to work or school while leaving a small carbon footprint, saving time, saving money and having a great time!

Technical Characteristics

Aero-Grade Aluminium

The frame of the Mearth X is built out of Aero-Grade Aluminium to create a machine that works for you and one that lasts

Kick Folding System

The Mearth X also features a Kick Folding System making it easy and simple for you, so you can keep moving

Dual Suspension

To provide you with the most comfortable ride, we included a Dual Suspension which is designed absorb and damp shock impulses to follow the comfortable ride

Skid Resistance Deck

We also added a Skid Resistance Deck with a premium quality rubber. The pattern on the deck helps in providing a good grip to the rider


This is a limited time only offer, so we encourage you to take it now. Hurry, to take advantage of our amazing Mearth X electric scooter deals. Act now, while supplies last.

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