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Riding electric scooters in Sydney

Riding electric scooters in Sydney

Riding electric scooters in Sydney

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Electric scooters offer commuters a fast, efficient, and affordable way to travel thanks to their portability and sustainability. Because of the growing demand for e-scooters, they have become more common in cities across the globe. However, electric scooters in Sydney have yet to be legalised for public use. Because of this, the city is lagging behind other cities in Australia that have already started e-scooter trials, such as Brisbane and Adelaide. So, if you want to buy an electric scooter in Sydney, make sure you know the electric scooter laws and guidelines to avoid receiving penalties.

Electric scooter law in Sydney

According to electric scooter regulations in NSW, it is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads and road-related areas. Specifically, rule 240(2)(c) of the NSW Road Rules states: “A person must not travel in or on a wheeled recreational device on a road at any time while any person travelling in or on the device is wholly or partly assisted in propelling the device by means other than human power.”

However, electric scooters in Sydney are legal only when it’s ridden on private property. E-scooter riders should be careful since anyone caught with an e-scooter in public will be fined a penalty notice of $78. So, if you want to ride an electric scooter in NSW, especially in Sydney, you can only do so within private property.

Electric scooter trials in Sydney

Unfortunately, New South Wales has yet to take action regarding the use of electric scooters in public despite its popularity, especially in Sydney. Discussions on e-scooter trials have been in the works since 2019, and the National Transport Commission has already proposed guidelines for allowing e-scooters in public back in August 2020.

However, in February 2021, NSW Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said that e-scooter trials have been put on hold, leaving the state behind other states and territories in the country. Since NSW electric scooters are still illegal in public, commuters will have to settle riding personal e-scooters on private property for now.

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    Mearth Shipping Policy

    Mearth ships to Sydney and across Australia for free. Available items will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving payment. However, orders made on a Friday will be shipped out the following Monday. For more details on shipping, check out Mearth’s shipping policy.

    Mearth Warranty Policy

    Mearth offers customers a two-year warranty on the frame of any Mearth electric scooter and a one-year warranty on the main body, battery, motor, and controller of any Mearth electric scooter. Repairs within 30 days will be honoured under Mearth’s warranty. However, repair fees will apply after 30 days of purchase except for the frame, battery, and motor.

    To avail of the warranty, customers must complete their warranty registration within one month of purchasing their electric scooter. Learn more about our warranty, return, and refund policy for more details.

    For enquiries, concerns, and suggestions, feel free to reach out to Mearth via support@mearth.com.au.

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    Electric scooter repair shops in Sydney

    Thanks to the growing demand for e-scooters, electric scooter owners can find various electric scooter repair shops in Sydney, NSW.

    Mearth electric scooter owners may request a repair via our website. Take note that replaceable components will be subject to a new online order. Rest assured Mearth will inform you of the cost of the component beforehand. On the other hand, non-replaceable components or damages will need to be sent to Mearth’s Sydney office.