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Riding electric scooters in Gold Coast

Riding electric scooters in Gold Coast

Riding electric scooters in Gold Coast

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Electric scooters are becoming the norm in city streets and footpaths as more people use them as an alternative transportation option. Due to the success of e-scooters in Queensland, more people are using electric scooters in Gold Coast. Although there are no available shared e-scooter schemes in the city, locals and tourists can enjoy riding their own electric scooters.

If you are looking to buy an electric scooter in Gold Coast, Mearth offers a variety of electric scooters for your needs. All of our electric scooters are for sale in Gold Coast since Mearth ships across Australia for free. Make sure to browse through our online shop to learn more about our different products.

However, before adding our e-scooters to your cart, make sure that you know the different electric scooter laws and guidelines in Gold Coast, QLD.

Electric scooter law in Gold Coast

Electric scooter law in QLD states that e-scooters are allowed on public footpaths and spaces. However, the devices should comply with the following specifications:

  • Used by a single person only
  • Dimensions: 1,250 mm (l) x 700 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h) or 700 mm (l) x 1,250 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h)
  • Top speed of 25 km/h
  • Maximum weight of 60 kg
  • Be motor-powered
  • Have one or more wheels
  • Have a braking system
  • Have no sharp protrusions

Since the city is under QLD, electric scooter laws in Gold Coast follow the state’s rules and regulations. Some electric scooters in the market comply with these specifications, so you can buy a commercial e-scooter that fits your travel needs. 

Aside from this, Gold Coast electric scooters don’t have to be registered and riders don’t need a license to ride them. However, riders are advised to observe and follow road rules for their safety.

Electric scooter safety requirements

Since Gold Coast follow the state’s law, electric scooter law in QLD states that riders:

  • Be at least 16 years of age. Riders who are at least 12 years of age must ride with adult supervision.
  • Wear an approved and fitted helmet
  • Not carry passengers
  • Not use a mobile device while riding
  • Not drink and ride
  • Have a white light on the front and red light and reflector at the rear when travelling at night or in harsh conditions.

Where to ride electric scooters in Gold Coast

Riders can use most footpaths, road-related areas, and public spaces. However, riders can’t ride on CBD streets and main roads. 

Aside from these, here are some recommended areas to ride your e-scooter:

  • Gold Coast Parklands, Broadwater Parklands, Kurrawa Park
  • Surfers Paradise bicycle path (not the pedestrian mall)
  • Beach Foreshore – Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Nobby Beach

Electric scooter trials in Gold Coast

Although electric scooters in Gold Coast are allowed in public footpaths, Mayor Tom Tate ruled out the possibility of having a shared e-scooter scheme in the city. According to the Mayor, the current regulations, such as riding on footpaths for speeds of 25 km/h, poses a risk to the public. The Mayor also says that the shared e-bike scheme launched last year has been a safer option.

E-scooter ride-sharing company Lime tried to launch a shared e-scooter service in 2018. However, the e-scooters were confiscated by the council since it was not approved by the Gold Coast council. 

Shop for electric scooters in Gold Coast

Find electric scooters for sale in Gold Coast via Mearth’s online shop. Check out each of our electric scooter series and choose the one that fits your lifestyle best. From lightweight commuter e-scooters like the Mearth S Series to long-range e-scooters like the new Mearth RS Series, you can find the right electric scooter for your travel needs. 

Why Shop at Mearth

  • Electric scooters with quality designs and performance
  • Great value for money
  • No need to sign up to shop
  • Flexible payment options
  • Free shipping across Australia
  • Two-year warranty policy

Mearth Shipping Policy

Mearth ships to Gold Coast free of charge. However, customers should note that products will be shipped within 24 hours after payment, depending on the product’s availability. Meanwhile, Friday orders will be shipped on Monday. Learn more about our shipping policy for more information.

Mearth Warranty Policy

Mearth customers will receive a two-year warranty for the e-scooter frame and a one-year warranty for the main body, motor, battery, and controller of the e-scooter. However, customers must register their warranty online within one month of purchase.

The warranty policy also covers repairs within 30 days after the purchase. After the 30 days is up, fees will apply except for repairs on the frame, motor, and battery.

For enquiries and concerns, you may reach us via support@mearth.com.au.

Schedule a Test Drive

If you want to see and experience Mearth electric scooters up close, feel free to take a test ride in our Sydney office! See if your chosen Mearth electric scooter fits your commuting needs. Schedule a test drive today!

Electric scooter repair shops in Gold Coast

For Mearth customers who need an electric scooter repair in Gold Coast, you will need to request a repair on our website. After submitting a request, Mearth will inform you of the next steps and any repair costs. Depending on the repair needed, customers may need to ship their e-scooter to our Sydney office.

For customers who can’t ship their Mearth electric scooter, you may bring them to other electric scooter repair shops in Gold Coast, QLD. Drop by your local electric scooter repair shop, personal electric vehicle shop, or bike shop for nearby or urgent repairs.

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