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Riding electric scooters in Brisbane

Riding electric scooters in Brisbane

Riding electric scooters in Brisbane

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In recent years, Australia has seen a boom when it comes to using personal micro-mobility devices, such as electric scooters. In fact, electric scooters sales in Brisbane have increased, especially after the city allowed electric scooters in Brisbane and ran an e-scooter trial. After seeing the success of Brisbane with e-scooters, other major cities in the country have followed suit.

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter in Brisbane, you are in luck as the city implements guidelines that are less strict than most States and Territories in the country. Most e-scooter riders can enjoy personal and shared e-scooters in public, as long as they observe and follow the road rules. So, to help you ride electric scooters safely in Brisbane, here are guidelines that you must know.

Electric scooter law in Brisbane

Electric scooter laws in QLD allow electric scooters in public roads and spaces, as long as it complies with the following specifications:

  • Used by a single person only
  • Dimensions: 1,250 mm (l) x 700 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h) or 700 mm (l) x 1,250 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h)
  • Top speed of 25 km/h
  • Maximum weight of 60 kg
  • Be motor-powered
  • Have one or more wheels
  • Have a braking system
  • Have no sharp protrusions

  • Electric scooters in QLD must comply with these specifications to be ridden in public. Fortunately, some electric scooters in the market follow these specifications, so commuters don’t need to worry about following the specifications. However, riders should still keep this in mind and make sure they are riding the right e-scooter in Brisbane.

    Aside from this, riders don’t need to register the e-scooters and don’t need to have a license to ride them in public. It’s also worth noting that QLD is the only state that allows riders to ride up to 25 km/h on footpaths.

    Where can I ride my electric scooter in Brisbane?

    Electric scooters in Brisbane, QLD may be ridden on footpaths, road-related areas, and public spaces. However, e-scooters can’t be ridden on CBD streets and main roads.

    Here are also some paths or areas where you can ride your electric scooter.

  • Park tracks
  • Off-road tracks
  • New Farm Park
  • Brisbane Citywalk around the river
  • Brisbane City Botanic Gardens
  • Roma Street Parklands
  • Southbank Parklands
  • Beach Foreshore – Sandgate, Redcliffe

  • Electric scooter safety requirements

    According to QLD electric scooter laws, riders must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age. Riders who are at least 12 years of age must ride with adult supervision.
  • Wear an approved and fitted helmet
  • Not carry passengers
  • Not use a mobile device while riding
  • Not drink and ride
  • Have a white light on the front and red light and reflector at the rear when travelling at night or in harsh conditions.

  • Electric scooter trials in Brisbane

    Brisbane was the first city in Australia to allow electric scooters in public. In 2018, e-scooter company Lime provided a shared e-scooter scheme in the city. In 2019, another e-scooter company, Neuron, also rolled out a shared e-scooter scheme in Brisbane.

    In April 2021, the Rockhampton Regional Council also expressed their interest in implementing a shared e-scooter scheme in the city. The Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Shire Council is also aiming to become the first Indigenous local council to implement electric transport options, such as electric scooters. The success of the e-scooter trials in Brisbane paved the way for more shared e-scooter schemes in other major cities in the country.

    Shop for electric scooters in Brisbane

    If you are looking for e-scooters for your daily commutes or off-road trips, Mearth offers one of the best electric scooters in Brisbane. Mearth focuses on designing and developing innovative electric scooters to make commutes easier and more fun for Australians. From lightweight commuter e-scooters like the Mearth S Series to off-road e-scooters like the Mearth GTS Series, you can find the right electric scooter for your travel needs.

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  • Mearth Shipping Policy

    Customers who buy Mearth electric scooters for sale in Brisbane will receive free shipping. Please note that products will be shipped within 24 hours after payment, depending on the item’s availability. Meanwhile, orders made on a Friday will be shipped on Monday. Read about our shipping policy for more information.

    Mearth Warranty Policy

    Mearth customers will receive a two-year warranty for the frame of any Mearth e-scooter and a one-year warranty for the main body, motor, battery, and controller of any Mearth e-scooter. To avail of the warranty, customers must register their warranty online within one month of purchase.

    Mearth covers repairs within 30 days after the purchase as per our warranty policy. After 30 days, fees will apply except for repairs on the frame, motor, and battery.

    For enquiries and concerns, you may reach us via support@mearth.com.au.

    Schedule a Test Drive

    If you are not sure if a Mearth electric scooter is for you, then take our electric scooters for a ride! See our electric scooters up close in our office in Sydney and experience them firsthand. Schedule a test drive today!

    Electric scooter repair shops in Brisbane

    After buying an electric scooter, the next step is making sure that your e-scooter is always in top condition. For flat tyres or damages to the battery and other components of your Mearth electric scooter, you can request a repair via our website.

    Depending on the request, replacements for the repairs may be subject to another online order. Otherwise, customers may need to ship their e-scooter to our office in Sydney for repairs. Rest assured Mearth will inform you of the repair costs if any.

    For customers who live in Brisbane, you may bring your Mearth e-scooter to electric scooter repair shops in Brisbane, QLD. Other shops that do electric scooter repairs in Brisbane include bike shops and PEV shops.