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What is an Electric Scooter Throttle?


When you ride a fuel-powered motorcycle, the throttle works by increasing or reducing the fuel burnt in the engine. The more fuel an engine burns, the faster the vehicle accelerates. Meanwhile, how do electric scooter throttles work in adult electric scooters?

The e-scooter throttle is one of your main controls to maneuver an e-scooter. It is a part of the whole e-scooter system that allows you to move your e-scooter and control your speed. Before you buy an electric scooter online, learn about the function and inner workings of a throttle.

Knowing more about how it works will allow you to use and maintain it properly. Read this electric scooter guide to learn more about electric scooter throttles.

What is an Electric Scooter Throttle?

An e-scooter throttle is the part of the e-scooter that allows you to control your speed while riding. It is the one sending signals to the speed controller and the motor on how much power to use as you ride.

E-scooters often position the throttle beside or near the handlebars. In a few e-scooters, the handlebar itself is the throttle, just like a motorcycle. Placing the electric scooter throttle near the handlebars allows you to control the speed easily using your hands, fingers, or thumb.

How Does an Electric Scooter Throttle Work?

Electric scooter throttles work by engaging the throttle while riding. When you press or twist the throttle it signals the speed controller and battery to provide more power to the motor to accelerate. If you want to get the most range or power from your e-scooter, manage how you use your throttle.

Note that throttles work differently, depending on whether it is a level type or sensitivity mode. If your throttle has a sensitivity mode, it means that your e-scooter generates more power as you press or twist the throttle.

Types of Electric Scooter Throttle

  • Trigger Throttle

Trigger throttle of the Mearth GTS Series

Most electric scooters use an electric scooter finger throttle or trigger throttle. These are often used in high-performance electric scooters, such as the Mearth GTS Series. It offers the most capable performance, as it is convenient to access and control. Moreover, it is the easiest type of throttle to replace. A trigger throttle also accelerates with torque, making it the best throttle for racing-level competitions.

However, some riders complain that the trigger-finger hand position, plus the unsupportive hand grips cause hand cramps. That’s why Mearth designed an ergonomic grip for the Mearth GTS Series, making it more comfortable for the rider as they control the trigger and ride the e-scooter.

  • Thumb Throttle

Thumb throttle of the Mearth RS Series

Most entry-level electric scooters and other more powerful commuter e-scooters use a thumb throttle. This type of electric scooter throttle offers an ergonomic hand position and linear control. It allows your hands to maintain the grip on the handlebars and makes it comfortable to maneuver the e-scooter. Plus, it provides the smoothest acceleration while riding.

However, note that not all thumb throttles provide effective and smooth control. You may encounter less capable throttles with cheaper electric scooters. So, choose a premium-made electric scooter, like the Mearth RS Series.

  • Twist Throttle

An electric scooter twist throttle works like a motorcycle throttle where riders twist or roll the handlebar down to accelerate. It provides an intuitive and ergonomic hand position and provides riders with good control. Moreover, it doesn’t get in the way of the brakes.

Unfortunately, this type of e-scooter throttle doesn’t include an IP rating, making it susceptible to dust and water. Moreover, while it may be a convenient throttle to use, few electric scooters offer twist throttles.

  • Wheel Throttle

The rarest type of throttle you will see in e-scooters is the wheel throttle. Only a handful of dual motor electric scooters offer this e-scooter throttle. However, some riders and reviewers consider it as one of the best electric scooter throttles as it offers a comfortable hand position.

The wheel throttle works by rolling the wheel inward to run faster. Meanwhile, rolling it outward engages the regenerative brakes. Overall, this e-scooter throttle feels easy to control, provides an ergonomic operation, and offers a strong front torque when accelerating.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Scooter Throttle

  • Acceleration

A good throttle should accelerate smoothly. A choppy acceleration makes your ride difficult to control, especially on uneven terrains. Note that using a thumb throttle for off-roading may result in bumping on the throttle and hitting the acceleration. Meanwhile, a trigger throttle provides smoother and more stable acceleration, even on rough terrains. Test an e-scooter before buying if you can.

  • Grip

Can you grip the handlebar or the throttle properly? See how your hand grips or feels when you hold onto the handlebars. Using a thumb throttle allows you to wrap your hand around the grip comfortably.  

  • Safety

Do you feel safe using the e-scooter throttles? For example, some types of throttles, like a trigger throttle, might get in the way of the brakes. Shifting between the two controls becomes slightly inconvenient and confusing, making it a concern during emergency brakes.

  • Comfort

Does the electric scooter throttle provide an ergonomic and comfortable design? Using the throttle for a while may result in hand cramps, especially if the throttle design makes your hand uncomfortable. For example, using thumb throttles for long periods results in hand fatigue or cramps.

Meanwhile, trigger throttle uses less pressure and motion, making them comfortable for most riders. Note that each e-scooter throttle offers pros and cons, so it all boils down to your preference.

  • Durability

A throttle that’s designed and built poorly will only become a safety hazard for the rider. Moreover, throttles are likely to be damaged in case of a collision. It is difficult to assess the durability of a throttle before buying them. So, consider purchasing a premium high-performance e-scooter as these are built to last than regular or budget commuter e-scooters.

Electric Scooter Throttle Repair

An e-scooter throttle is also prone to damage, just like the other parts of an e-scooter. If you don’t use or clean your throttle properly, you will encounter issues, such as an electric scooter throttle that’s not working. You may need an electric scooter throttle replacement depending on the damage.

If you don’t know how to locate the issue of a defective e-scooter throttle, read our guide on how to repair an electric scooter throttle.

Some electric scooters also encounter defective throttles that don’t accelerate at full throttle. If you encounter this problem, check out our guide on how to fix an e-scooter not running at full throttle.

Throttles rarely become defective or damaged. However, one still needs to care for their e-scooter properly to keep all parts of their e-scooter in top shape. See more electric scooter guides on Mearth’s blogs to learn more about the different e-scooter parts and repairs.