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Tips to Prolong Your Electric Scooter Lifespan

Tips to Prolong Your Electric Scooter Lifespan

Electric scooters may be durable, but most e-scooters still have a short lifespan. Depending on the quality of your electric scooter and your usage, it can last for at least three years or more. For the first two years, efficiency may decrease, but it’s in the third year of your electric scooter that you will feel the drop in efficiency. This may mean less range and speed, and more maintenance. 

However, it’s possible to prolong your electric scooter lifespan if you know how to take care of it. Keep in mind that an electric scooter lifespan is affected by your riding habits and maintenance, and its battery, tyres, and frame material or overall quality. Given these factors, here are some tips on how to make your electric scooter last longer.

Riding tips

1. Check your tyres before riding

To ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free ride, always check your tyre condition before riding. Check for any damages, punctures, tears, or flats that could damage your e-scooter and make your ride unsafe. In addition, check the tyre pressure by pressing on the tyres or using a pressure gauge for an accurate reading. For more on e-scooter tyres, here’s how to maintain your electric scooter tyres.

2. Don’t exceed the limit of your e-scooter

Even if an electric scooter has high specs, it still has a limit. Avoid going over its speed limit and weight limit to avoid overworking your e-scooter. Moreover, if your electric scooter isn’t meant for rough paths or steep inclines, don’t push your e-scooter. Going over what your electric scooter can do will only decrease its lifespan quickly.

3. Don’t ride during harsh conditions

Avoid riding when it’s raining and snowing. The water and moisture from these conditions can not only decrease the efficiency of the electric components of your e-scooter but also completely damage it. Even if your e-scooter is water-resistant, it’s still best not to put your e-scooter in these kinds of conditions.

Battery tips

1. Avoid draining your electric scooter

As with any other device, don’t let your battery level reach zero. Completely depleting your electric scooter battery life will quickly decrease the capacity of your battery. As much as possible, charge the battery when it still has a charge of 10% to 40%.

If you suddenly run out of battery while riding, make sure to bring an extra battery. It’s best to get an electric scooter with a swappable battery system like the Mearth S Series to get the most from our e-scooter.

2. Don’t overcharge your battery

Aside from avoiding draining your e-scooter battery, it’s equally important not to overcharge it. If you are charging your electric scooter overnight, make sure to unplug the charger at the right time to avoid overcharging it. Similar to draining the battery, overcharging can also affect the overall capacity of your battery.

3. Charge it even when it’s not in use

If you won’t be using your electric scooter for a long while, make sure to charge the battery. Leaving it alone with a nearly drained battery will also affect its capacity once you use it again. It’s best to have it at least 40-50% charged.

Cleaning tips

1. Use the right supplies when cleaning

One tip to prolong your electric scooter lifespan is to use the right cleaning supplies. Although you can clean your e-scooter with a damp towel, it’s best to have extra supplies for a thorough clean. This includes a soft sponge, a small brush or toothbrush, soap for vehicles, lubricant, and clean towels. All of these will help you clean your e-scooter better and easier.

2. Clean it thoroughly

When cleaning your electric scooter, make sure to scrub your electric scooter thoroughly using a small brush or sponge. Specifically, brush the wheels and other components that are prone to dirt dust. Just remember to avoid getting water or soap on the electrical components as they can be damaged.

3. Dry it properly

As mentioned, no water and moisture must enter the electrical parts of your e-scooter. So, make sure to dry it thoroughly with a clean towel. If possible, you may also use a blow dryer to dry it quickly. Just make sure that the blow dryer is not too hot. Keeping your e-scooter clean and in top condition will help make it last longer. For more tips on cleaning your e-scooter, check out this guide on how to clean your electric scooter properly.

Storing tips

1. Use bag or box

When storing your e-scooter, one tip to prolong your electric scooter lifespan is to place it inside an e-scooter bag or box. You can buy e-scooter bags in some retail stores. It can help you carry your e-scooter when you’re outside or store it after using it.

2. Place it inside a clean storage

No matter where you put your e-scooter, make sure that it’s stored in a clean, cool, and dry place. Putting the e-scooter inside a humid or dirty area can corrode the parts of your e-scooter. To prolong its lifespan, make sure that it’s not within an extremely cold or hot place.

3. Lock your electric scooter

If you will be storing your electric scooter outside your home or inside a shed, you may want to lock your e-scooter for extra safety. This may not have anything to do with increasing the lifespan, but it will keep your e-scooter safe when parked outside.

Make your electric scooter last

That’s how to make your electric scooter last longer! By taking care of your electric scooter properly, you can get the most from it and get the most value for your money. Also, to keep your e-scooter in top shape, make sure to schedule a quarterly or monthly inspection with a mechanic. Even if your e-scooter seems spotless, mechanics may see issues that you may not know. Keep the tips above in mind and enjoy riding a hassle-free electric scooter.